Une Petite Quantité de Paris

The past few times I’ve come to Paris it’s been for business. I have clients located in the city center, so when I’m in town I’m surrounded by culture but have a limited amount of time to explore my Parisian surroundings.

On the usual business trip we arrive at our hotel late, work on presentations or other meeting prep until the early hours, and then spend the next day from dawn to dusk in meetings. If you’re lucky there’s a late night stroll or a French meal out, or in my case, a moment to relax in the lounge at the airport!

I’m sad to leave this short adventure to Paris, because my trips here are always so limited in time, but I did snap a few photos along the way to share.  IMG_0971^ ^ All streets in Paris tend to blend together, with tall, neutral color buildings, elegant columns, and elaborate wrought iron cresting. Our street was particularly pretty, with a cheeky view of the Eiffel Tower. v v  IMG_0957 IMG_0961IMG_0992 IMG_1000 IMG_1014^ ^ 2am on the streets below. v v My hotel room had a spot-light above my bed, which pointed at these lips on the wall! IMG_1017v v Rocking my little black work dress and some heels. I even have a bit of a Cannes tan left!
Me Paris

While traveling for work is a tease, it does have its perks. I’m currently sitting in the Air France Lounge, sipping on my second glass of white wine and catching up on work e-mails. And Paris will soon be but a memory! x

7 Replies to “Une Petite Quantité de Paris”

  1. Wow. I am jealous ….

    Or, should I say, “I did the ‘road warrior.’ Got no t-shirt, but a lot of memories?”

    Thank you for stopping by,



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