Color Party

When you work in advertising, you can easily become a slave to your desk. The job requires long hours and often causes a fair amount of stress. It’s a tough industry, and I don’t know how I would do it without a partner who understands the highs and lows of ad-life. B also works at a global advertising agency, which means that we get to swap ad stories, secrets, and scandals. It also means double the fun, because in spite of the long hours and hard work, ad people know how to party.

This Friday, B’s agency had an unveiling. Nomads had recently undergone some rebranding and were celebrating their new identity. At 8pm they opened their doors, inviting employees, family, friends, and even pets to join the fun. At first it appeared to be your usual mix, mingle, and booze soiree.  But between the coat check and the dancing, planned was a little surprise. Guests were asked to come in comfortable clothing – and were presented with a large, white jump suit at the entrance of the party.

IMG_1316We waited patiently behind a velvet rope for our turn to enter, not quite knowing what to expect.IMG_1318And then it hit us. Literally.IMG_1323IMG_1324IMG_1325The hallway leading to the party was booby-trapped, lined with snipers, all armed with handfuls of powdered paint!IMG_1326

IMG_1327Like Nomads, we went from a blank canvas to a colorful new design. []_2453dac3-768a-80e4-299c-75ec40884455IMG_1319At the end of a long hallway, the suspected party awaited. We sipped colorful cocktails, and danced to loud music all evening long.IMG_1334IMG_1333IMG_1336 IMG_1342 IMG_1350It was the most vibrant party I have ever been to, the theme complimented by some stellar company! Thanks Nomads for the great evening, I have a feeling I will remember this one – in the form of hidden purple paint –  for weeks  to come! x

4 Replies to “Color Party”

  1. wow the pictures are all so beautiful , fun and ‘colorful’ lol Seems to me like the Holi thing in indians but looks like you really had fun doing this ;) Love the post.


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