Boating in Amsterdam

In my last post, I mentioned that having a boat in Amsterdam is comparable to owning a summer cottage. It’s where all your friends will group in the nice weather, ready to relax and cruise  – enjoying the sun and each other’s company. We usually only get a week or two of warm weather in Amsterdam, but this past month has been incredible. Everyday the temperature outside is 70° or warmer, and the sun seems to be making an appearance more often than not. This past weekend was no exception. Oddly, the skies were white and overcast, but the air was humid and warm, a perfect day to cruise the canals and gently nurse a hangover!

IMG_1400We started on the outskirts of the city, where the architecture is a hodgepodge of brick, stone, and greenery. The canals are wider than in the center, optimal for cruising.IMG_1418 IMG_1420We past rusty boats and groovy bridges from the 70’s.IMG_1441 IMG_1452Along the canals you will find house boats, swans, and swan boats! IMG_1459We hit the wide waters of the Amstel and agreed to adventure out of the city, down the river, flowing along with the current. IMG_1461As we drifted away from town, the scenery got greener, and the house boats got stranger!IMG_1468We docked for a bit to give captain B a rest, and found a little pet.IMG_1477Who was quite content to eat right out of our hands!IMG_1473IMG_1483 IMG_1488 IMG_1491 IMG_1492 IMG_1502We continued our journey into the countryside, beyond the manmade canals and bridges. IMG_1504 IMG_1506 IMG_1509 IMG_1514 IMG_1515 IMG_1525 IMG_1540 IMG_1549 IMG_1563After a few hours chatting, snacking, and drifting along, we turned the boat around and headed back towards the city.IMG_1578 IMG_1601 IMG_1613A relaxing afternoon and the perfect hangover cure! I highly recommend a boat trip in Amsterdam – it offers some refreshing views of the city, and unique way to duck out-of-town for a couple of hours. Check out my Amsterdam attractions post for more info on how to go about renting your own boat in Amsterdam! xx

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  1. Beautiful! Here on the shores of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay, boating is also the weekend activity of choice. As much as I’ve always wanted a boat, the older I get the more I realize it’s far better to have friends with boats!


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