Dinner Date at Caffe Milo

On Thursday night, Amsterdam was HOT. It was one of those sticky-humid nights where you dread the thought of turning on the oven, and end up eating cold cereal for dinner instead. As much as I love a big bowl of Frosites, B had a better idea. He initiated an impromptu date night, keen on cool white wine and a shaded patio. Enter Caffe Milo, B’s brilliant Thursday date night idea.

IMG_1908Tucked away on the south-east edge of Oosterpark, Caffe Milo is a balmy oasis from the hot city heat. They have a large, breezy outdoor patio, and live music every Thursday night. Hello new favorite Amsterdam spot!IMG_1915We opted for a small table on the edge of the patio, perfect for people watching and listening to some cool acoustic tunes.
IMG_1790We were brought back to our Cannes trip over some fragrant, chilled white wine.IMG_1791 IMG_1814IMG_1801And then got down to dinner! The menu at Caffe Milo is Mediterranean inspired, with everything from focaccia to pannacotta. We ordered the antipasti for two, set on having a lazy, delicious dinner.
IMG_1843IMG_1810 IMG_1875The inside of Caffe Milo is also quite groovy, and although the patio is probably the biggest draw in the warm summer months, we would definitely come back in the autumn or winter to sip a cocktail or cozy up in one of their big cinnamon colored booths. We also noticed that Wednesday night is cocktail night with buy one, get one free deals. Girls night anyone?IMG_1852IMG_1849IMG_1857IMG_1845^ ^ B is a far more artistic photographer than me!IMG_1862When our antipasti arrived, we were greeted with three tiers of high-stacked goodness . . . IMG_1890 . . . . meats, bread, tapenade, anchovies, olives, calamari, and tons of other Mediterranean delights. Delizioso!IMG_1894IMG_1905IMG_1902IMG_1900For our main, we plumped for the special – artichoke ravioli. 
IMG_1919I could eat buckets – it was heavenly!IMG_1926As the sun started to dip and the air began to cool, we lingered over the last of our wine, contemplating dessert. We asked if they had any sweet, chocolate treats, and boy, did they deliver!IMG_1954Gooey molten chocolate cake, sweet ice cream, red berries and a dusting of pistachio – a sweet end to a lovely meal.IMG_1936 IMG_1938IMG_1972As we were leaving, the folks next to us were served some deliciously colorful cocktails. When we asked what they were (for Wednesday buy one get one free cocktails perhaps ;)), we were told they were a unique Caffe Milo creation. The ‘strawgasme’ is a yummy-sweet cocktail in celebration of Amsterdam’s Gay Pride week. Caffe Milo, along with many other Amsterdammers, are decked out and ready for Gay Pride – an awesome pride week of street festivals, parties, and a colorful canal parade. . . . which I may tell you all about later ;)

IMG_1974Even though I’ve lived in Amsterdam for a few years now, I’m still finding new restaurant gems, like Caffe Milo. It was a great, unexpected date night out with my favorite. . . . and biking home, through Oosterpark and across the Amstel was a great way to wrap up the evening! v v IMG_1976If you’re interested in a yummy meal, drink, or listening to some chill tunes at Caffe Milo, you can check out their website here. There’s an English version (yay), where you can book a table, check out their menu, or find updates on their music lineup. It seems like they have something fun on most nights of the week, so you’re definitely in for a treat! x

28 Replies to “Dinner Date at Caffe Milo”

  1. Reserve a table for 4 on August 26! We will be staying in Amsterdam that night, leaving for home on the 27th. Hope you will be free!


    1. !!!! Woah this is awesome!!!! How exciting :) Are you and Uncle Pat both coming?? I think Ben might be in the UK that weekend :( but I will definitely be in town. And you are more than welcome to crash on our couches if you like :) I’ll book it in my calendar and am so excited to see you! xo


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