Healthy Dessert – Blueberry Chocolate Ice Cream

I suck at diets. Food is just too good! I love to cook, to dine out, and to bake for others. I don’t like putting rules or restrictions on what or how much I eat. Food should be enjoyable, not a stress. That’s not to say I don’t take care of my body. I try to eat whole, healthy things. And I don’t own a car, so I pretty much bike or walk everywhere I go, and this includes an occasional trip to the local yoga studio. But on the flip side, I love a cold, sweet glass of white wine. Artisan bread and cheese are staple foods here in Holland. Warm bread on a Sunday morning? Assorted cheese board after work? Yes please! Ohh, and dessert every night is non-negotiable. I’ve inherited a sweet tooth and am proud of it.

But sometimes my pants start to feel a bit tight, or I eat a porky meal out three nights in a row. And this is when I make a conscious decision to be just a bit healthier for a day or two – to balance things out. That’s not to say I’ll skip on dessert, but I’ll make little modifications, like having grilled chicken instead of fried, or fizzy lemon water instead of Sprite. I have a repertoire of recipes to whip out in these instances, and this next one is one of my all time favorites. Because it’s sweet, it’s filling, and it super chocolaty.

Enter: guilt free chocolate blueberry ice cream.

Guilt Free Chocolate Blueberry Ice CreamI have this at least three nights a week. You’ll need three simple things. Frozen blue berries. Light whipped cream. And Dutch cocoa powder. That’s it!

IMG_2416If you’re like me, you will end up eating half of your blueberries before they touch the chocolate! As a Maine gal, I grew up on blueberries. My grandparents have a big old red house in the woods, and as a kid I spent my summers playing in the forest out back, building forts, collecting pine cones, and eating handfuls of fresh-picked Maine blueberries. Yum!IMG_2417These kind might not be fresh, but they’re frozen – the perfect base for a sweet, guilt free ice cream!
IMG_2464Feel free to nibble, but try to save at least a cup of blueberries for this recipe. IMG_2424To turn your frozen blueberries into ice cream, all you’ll need to do is give them a little squirt of whipped cream. Usually between 2 or 3 tablespoons. IMG_2513You’ll also need some unsweetened cocoa powder. You don’t need chocolate powder that’s loaded with sugar – your whipped cream and berries are sweet enough. Add one heaping teaspoon of chocolate powder.IMG_2441And now comes the messy part – mix! Try not to let your cocoa dust fly everywhere. IMG_2530My blueberries could have been colder as they had been sitting out for a bit (confession: I don’t have a freezer!) BUT, if your blueberries are properly frozen, as you mix, your chocolate will blend in with the whipped cream, and your whipped cream will start to freeze alongside the cold blueberries. IMG_2540You’ll be left with a sweet, delicious dairy desert, comparable to ice cream! You could go one step further and whirl your blueberry ice cream in a blender for 15 seconds to make a smooth puree (closer to ice cream), but really, it will taste the same – and trust me, this is one dessert you are not going to want to wait for! IMG_2573Plop a dollop of whipped cream on top for good luck, and a sprinkle of extra chocolate, and dig in! IMG_2582 IMG_2596This amazingly delicious dessert clocks in at only 107 calories. It’s packed with antioxidants and vitamins, and is totally guilt free. IMG_2588If you’re feeling naughty, you could add some chocolate sprinkles, or even serve these guys in a cone. But I prefer to eat them straight from the bowl, on a hot summer night, ideally while watching an episode of True Blood on the projector. Ah, the little pleasures of summertime! Enjoy! x

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      1. There’s no ice cream! The light whipped cream freezes, so it’s ‘ice cream’ by a technicality ;) If you’re worried about fat, you could always use fat free whipped cream, or even yogurt like you say.


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