Bakers & Roasters and Sunday

Happy Sunday! B and I have had another relaxing weekend at home, enjoying the last of the summer and making the most of the lingering sunshine.

On Friday night after work I went to an American Apparel sample sale. I spent way more than I intended, but now have some new pastel green sweatpants, a red belt, and some lacy silk bloomers. All things I totally needed, right?

Afterwards, B and I pulled our mattress into the living room and had a Suits marathon on the projector. Suits is one of our favorite shows and we had quite a bit of catching up to do. We’ve been meaning to go to Pluk de Nacht, an open air film festival in Amsterdam, but the weather has been a bit unpredictable this week. A mock drive in movie night in our living room was the next best thing :)

On Saturday we did the usual. We went to the farmer’s market and then had a long brunch at home – I made some killer fish tacos with mango salsa, yum! We then went to a 2-hour pilates class which was amazingly painful. I spent the afternoon recovering, chatting with my sisters online, and playing with Photoshop on my phone. Super low key and really nice.

I love taking pictures of flowers and I think I’m going to do an inverted color series and get it printed for our walls. Sneak peek?IMG_0275 On Sunday B and I met up with some friends at Bakers & Roasters, a new brunch place in the neighborhood. I’m pretty loyal to Little Collins, so we took a gamble on something other than ‘the usual’ and were really pleased we did.

v v Some of our farmer’s market flowers and my Sunday brunch fishtail braid.


At Bakers & Roasters I got an orange, carrot and ginger juice and the smoked salmon stack with poached eggs, smoked salmon, hash brown cakes and hollandaise sauce. *angels sing* It was heavenly!


B ordered the biggest thing on the menu and was a proud member of the clean plate club. I’m jealous of this boy’s bottomless appetite!



Afterwards we went on a walk, down the Amstel and over to Oosterpark.

v v A rainbow of house boat laundry.

IMG_0306v v A tree in Oosterpark, filled with heron. img_0314It was a relaxing weekend, but I now have the Sunday night blues. As much as I love my job, I think it’s almost time to book another holiday to look forward to ;)

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  1. SO glad to have a good Kiwi cafe in Amsterdam. For something a little further afield, I’ve also heard great things about Drover’s Dog Cafe in the Oost.


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