Pluk de Nacht

Pluk de Nacht is an open air film festival that takes place in Holland every summer. It’s reminiscent of the old American drive-in movie theaters, with a large, outdoor movie screen, an expansive lawn for viewing, and numerous food stalls where you can snack to your heart’s desire. Pluk de Nacht is a traveling festival, visiting multiple cities across the Netherlands. When the festival arrives to town and the big screen is set up, city dwellers are treated to a week of film – ranging from drama to animation films to comedy.

On Thursday night, B and I headed over to Stenen Hoofd, a pier towards the north of Amsterdam. The night was warm and the clouds were low. And the boats floating through the harbor painted quite a lovely picture.IMG_2643We locked up our bikes and wandered in to the festival grounds – an eclectic mix of theater and art.IMG_2647IMG_2652We got there around 8pm and were lucky enough to get the last two chairs! Get there before 7 if you want a good spot and a guaranteed seat. Many folks walked in after us, and happily set up their own picnic blankets and pillows on the lawn.IMG_2658The grounds are speckled with art and bright colors. IMG_2654IMG_2666There are numerous food spots . . . . IMG_2679 . . . . but B and I oped to pack our own treats, as we had a sneaky suspicion there would not be popcorn.IMG_2673And who can see a movie without popcorn!?IMG_2674As the evening got darker, the screen got brighter.IMG_2687We were in for a treat – it was short film night and some of the stories we saw were really moving and incredibly well shot.IMG_2702If you’re interested in learning more about Pluk de Nacht, you can find their website here. This past Saturday was there last night in Amsterdam, but you can always catch them Arnhem or Den Hague over the next few weeks. I know I’ll definitely be going back again next summer! x

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