Dream Pup

B and I have been gushing over dogs for the past two years. We can’t have pets in our apartment, so for our next move a dog-friendly place is a must. Almost every night we walk to the park and watch the dogs play. It’s actually kind of creepy. B really wants a Staffordshire Bull Terrier while I’m a fan of bulldogs. I blame this guy:

23N1 Yes, it’s the Poky Little Puppy. He was one of my favorite childhood storybook characters. And I’m pretty sure he might actually be a beagle, but in my child’s mind he was always a wrinkly little bulldog. I’ve always wanted my very own little Poky Puppy, and my animals Pinterest board accurately reflects this dream. I just can’t help pinning all of the super cute bulldog pups I see! Here’s a little teaser of my dream dog, who will just have to live on my Pinterest boards until I can welcome him into my home.

Aren’t these guys just the cutest!?

To be honest, I would probably settle for a Dalmatian, a Collie, a Setter, or even a cute little mutt. But as we’re dreaming, I might as well be honest and tell you that a wrinkly little bulldog is top of the list.


6 thoughts on “Dream Pup

  1. Hi! I have read your blog for a while, but have never left a comment before. Now is a good time `cause I love dogs too. :) I have a finnish lapphund myself (and I`m from Finland, too). My dog is already waiting for the winter and hopes we`ll have much snow then.

    I visited Amsterdam about a year and a half ago and fell in love with the city. Hope I can get back there as soon as possible. From your blog I can get great tips for my next visit, especially concerning food. When I visited there, I think we seached from wrong places `cause we found only regular pizza places and so on…

    By the way, how did you end up in Amsterdam?


    • Ouhhh you’re so lucky to be a dog owner :) And Finnish Lapphunds are stunning dogs!!

      There are so many touristy food places in Amsterdam. On my first visit here, I think I lived off of pizza and waffles! In my experience, the more distance you wander from Dam Square, the better chance you have of finding a good meal :)

      B got a job here a few years ago and asked me to move with him. I had nothing better to do at the time so followed my heart, and ended up in this lovely city! X


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