Hot Tropic Pineapple

Happy Sunday! B has been in Scotland this weekend visiting family, so I’ve had the house to myself. I’ve watched numerous girly flicks, I’ve sprawled out like a big starfish in the bed, and I’ve been testing out some new recipes. This one is a winner – it’s spicy and sweet, the perfect amount of summer heat. I give you: Hot Tropic Pineapple.

To get started all you need are two easy ingredients, a big juicy pineapple and some cayenne powder. Or some paprika if you’re not a fan of spicy-hot.Hot Tropic PineappleFirst, chop off the top and bottom of your pineapple. Then, spinning it as you go, slice off the sides. At first this may seem awkward, but after slicing up pineapple all summer I’ve become quite the pro! You can pick it up in no time. Make sure your pineapple is juicy and ripe, so you can eat every last bit, down to the core.IMG_2814Once your fruit is skinned, lay the pineapple cylinder on its side and slice it into wheels.  You can leave them as such and eat them as flat round pineapple slices, or you can give them another chop. Once they’re sliced to your liking sprinkle them with either your cayenne pepper or your paprika. Now eat!IMG_2600It’s a hot spin on pineapple, and elevates it from a fruit to a gourmet snack with a fiery kick! It’s also healthy and boosts your metabolism – spicy peppers, like cayenne, cause the body temperature to rise. . . . and when the body temperature rises it needs to be cooled. During this cooling process, you burn more calories – delicious and nutritious! IMG_2606It’s warm and refreshing, just like a Hot Tropic, true to its name! I’ve been snacking on this all weekend – B isn’t really a fan of spicy or smoked flavors, so I have to get it out of my system while he’s not around ;)IMG_2729Otherwise I’ve just been a home body this weekend, enjoying the sunshine creeping through the windows, my beautiful flowers that have finally bloomed, and a bit of pampering as well.IMG_2756I’ve definitely done a face mask each night, I’ve painted my toes twice, and I got a hair cut at my favorite new spot in the neighborhood.IMG_3147You know you’ve found a good place when the hairdresser spends just as long styling your hair as cutting it! My hair has been happy and bouncy all weekend – I am loving this end of the summer glowing locks-look.

I’m feeling so rested and relaxed this Sunday night – and I’m actually looking forward to jumping into work tomorrow. I guess a good haircut, some chick flicks, and a ton of spicy pineapple will do that to you! Have a good one x

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