Wedding Save The Date Stamp

If you’re a crafty gal like me, wedding planning is a playground. There’s a chance to customize everything, from the centerpieces to your dress, and it’s those special touches that will really make your day personal and memorable for others.DIY Wedding Save The Date StampThis past weekend, B and I rolled up our sleeves for some fun wedding DIY. We had bought a personalized save the date stamp from Stamp Couture, featuring our names and an adorable calendar of our wedding month.

IMG_2835This handmade rubber stamp is perfect for telling your guests about your wedding day. It’s a unique save the date option that requires minimal investment and is really fun to work with!

IMG_2957Also included in the purchase was a little heart stamp to mark our special date. We wanted a save the date that felt homemade with love, allowing us to stuff each envelope with something unique and special.IMG_2885IMG_2851

To get started, we measured our stamp carefully. We bought some thick stock paper and printed out sized mini cards with a fresh floral design. We made sure to include the location of our wedding and our wedding website on the printed cards, as these details were not included on the rubber stamp. I used an industrial paper cutter at work to snip the cards down to just the right size. We bought some ink and envelopes and set a date to make our save the dates!

IMG_2921We spent the night stamping and fanning little save the dates out to dry. B did the calendar stamp and I followed with the little heart on our wedding date. IMG_2997We’re really happy with how they came out – they have just that sweet, homemade country vibe we were going for. IMG_2967IMG_2905If you’re looking for a unique save the date option, you can find Stamp Couture here. They make a ton of adorable personalized stamps, perfect for save the dates, wedding invites, envelope seals, etc.IMG_3042

15 Replies to “Wedding Save The Date Stamp”

    1. I bought some card stock at a paper store (.20 a sheet, not bad when printing 4x per sheet) and then used Photoshop to design the card. B printed the cards off at his office, but they just have a regular old joe printer. It took a bit of trial and error – to get the size right, to make sure it wasn’t too dark or too light, but well worth saving the $300 and just doing it ourselves :)


  1. Can I ask what size of card you used for your design?

    I am really keen on this stamp but want to use A6 card (10.5cm by 14.8cm) for the designs and I emailed and they said that the calendar may look small on this size.

    Any advice would be welcome!


    1. I believe A6 would be slightly big for the stamp, however, if you have the option to print on the cards first, you could always add a boarder or design around the edges, and then the stamp would fit in quite nicely :) The cards I used were 3.3 x 5.3in (I hand cut these) and I printed additional floral detail on the bottom. Good luck!!!


  2. Is there any way for you to send me a link to the blank pdf template of this Save the Date? I have absolutely fallen in love with the floral design and the two boxes for me to hand write or type in the location and wedding website. I will obviously be purchasing my own stamp for it but I LOVE the fresh floral print with it’s country feel and can’t find anything else like it anywhere! Please and thank you in advance!


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