Homemade Apple Chips

Lately, I’ve been buying bag after bag of dried apple chips, and my addiction is starting to eat up a big chunk of my paycheck! So this past weekend I decided to take matters into my own hands and try a homemade apple chip recipe. I don’t have a dehydrator, so my only choice was to cook the apple chips in the oven. This can be done, you just have to cook the apples at a very low heat for a very long time to dehydrate them as opposed to bake them.

Homemade apple chips are the perfect fall snack. They are crunchy, warm, and have a dash of cinnamon that never fails to remind me of falling leaves and crispy sunshine mornings. IMG_3248 copyFirst, pick out a few pretty apples. As you cook your apples, they will shrink up, so while one apple might quench your hunger normally, once dried, two apples will make a more adequate snack.

IMG_3168To make 3 good servings of apple chips, you will need 6 apples, a sharp knife, a sturdy peeler, cinnamon, a baking sheet (or two) and an oven. Set your oven to  200F degrees, and don’t plan on doing any other baking for the next 3 hours.IMG_3178Use your peeler to poke out the seeds of the apples. My peeler is a cheap-o from Ikea, but it worked just fine for the job. Jab the peeler into on the stem, pressing it down the center of the apple. Then, repeat on the bottom of the apple, pushing the peeler up into the apple, towards the same hole you have just poked. Give your peeler a good push and a twist, forcing out the seeds.
IMG_3191Next cut your apple into thin slices. They should be about 1/5 an inch thick.IMG_3222Once you have sliced all of your apples, lay them out flat on your baking tray. Mine was a non-stick tray, but you could always put down some wax paper for good measure. 
IMG_3234Take your cinnamon, and from a height, sprinkle it all over your apples. IMG_3248You only need to do one side to get just the right amount of cinnamon crunch. If you’re feeling extra naughty, you could add some brown sugar.IMG_3253Now all you have left to do is pop them in the oven and let ’em cook! After 2.5 hours they should be ready – but if they don’t feel quite crunchy yet, you can leave them in for another 30 minutes. Be sure to check every 30 minutes or so to avoid over-crisping (aka burning!) of your apples. Once done, turn off your oven and let it cool, with the apples still inside. This will finish up the drying process, and then they will be good and ready to eat!IMG_3305IMG_3302IMG_3307IMG_3292IMG_3301B and I snacked on apple chips all weekend – they were so good I have a feeling they will be a new staple in my household! IMG_3279 IMG_3263Who says you need a dehydrator to make amazingly yummy and crispy apples?!

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    1. Hey there, I am sorry about your bad experience and really surprised to hear this! Most other recipes call for 225F at 1-1.5 hours, I choose to do mine at an even lower temperature and for longer to avoid burning and also make them a bit more crispy. I will add a remark to the recipe noting that they should be checked on every 30mins or so, as ovens can vary. But really surprised you had this experience as I make them all the time exactly as prescribed above, and they come out wonderful.


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