Lisbon Day 2

Day two in Lisbon was a hungover one. Sorry Mom, I know that’s not what you want to hear!! But our small party on the balcony the night before somehow turned into an early morning dance rave at Urban Beach – a totally cool club spot if you’re ever in town! But anyways, back to the hangover. It was bad. Throbbing head and churning tummy bad. Luckily, my beautiful friend Amie is a nurse, so she was able to cure us with pills and packets of magical healing. Our only remaining ailments were then sleepy eyes and sore feet, so we decided a trip to the beach was the perfect hangover antidote.

IMG_3780We hopped on the train and watched the scenery zoom by.IMG_3782 IMG_3785 IMG_3791We climbed off at the first sight of sand, and followed the surfboards down a long paved road.IMG_3801 IMG_3806The paved road turned into a paved tunnel, and when we emerged, the beach was right in front of us.IMG_3810I’m a regular in the Atlantic, and felt right at home in the radiant blue, chilly Portuguese sea. 
IMG_3813Can you spy Amie, front and center off in the distance? v v IMG_3819IMG_3839We spent the morning sleeping in the sun and eating ice cream. IMG_3823IMG_3830 IMG_3825And reading and taking sporadic dips in the ocean!IMG_3840IMG_3832Tough life, huh?IMG_3852At the end of the day, we hopped back on the train and whizzed home.IMG_3864Avoiding falling into bed at all costs (which surly would have been the end to the night!) we threw on our evening  clothes and ventured out to find a delicious, home cooked meal. Lisbon hangover cure number two!IMG_3870 We also walked up the steepest hill known to man. I’m pretty sure Amie’s little legs almost broke.IMG_3874 IMG_3878 IMG_3882But it was worth it, because at the top were beautiful views and The Decadente, one of the best restaurants in Lisbon.IMG_3903The walls are filled with clocks and books, the lounge is furnished with oversized plush antique chairs and fireplaces. It’s where you want to read a book or sip a cool cocktail, laughing quietly and swapping tales with a friend.IMG_3886IMG_3907We sucked down cocktails as we waited for a table. I definitely recommend making a reservation here!
IMG_3909There is a cozy indoor seating area as well as a shabby-chic outdoor space. IMG_3920 IMG_3921 IMG_3924We went for a table inside, right by the kitchen, and watched delicious meals pass by us all night! IMG_3944We started with bread, garlic butter, and olives, and then moved right on to mains. Amie got steak and I got the duck, both amazingly well cooked.IMG_3933 IMG_3939IMG_3936Despite our sleepy eyes, we still found time for dessert – there is always time for dessert! These delicious little fondant cakes were overflowing with a tart berry sauce, filled with melting molten chocolate.IMG_3947 IMG_3955 IMG_3957The night ended with a long walk home, past some beautiful lit Lisbon sights.IMG_3960 IMG_3962When we got home, we fell into bed and were asleep within seconds. We were both so exhausted, and were proud we managed to fit in another fill Lisbon day, despite the hangover. I’m missing that sweet Lisbon beach sun already!

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