Wedding Hair

I live in the Netherlands, my fiancé’s family lives in the UK, and we will be getting married in the US. We are an international couple to say the least, which has had made wedding planning a long process. Finding vendors has to be done online, dress fittings and menu tastings have to be squeezed into short windows, and guests need ample time to book travel and accommodation. For this reason, B and I decided to have a longer engagement. Plus, you only get married once, you’re only engaged once – might as well enjoy that young and excited romance as much as possible ;)

The only down side to a longer engagement is a longer time to hum-and-ha over the little details. Choices that would otherwise require a flash decision tend to linger. One thing that’s been on my mind lately is wedding hair. I just can’t decide, up or down?!

Wedding Hair

Before I share my hair style inspiration, here are a few questions to consider if you’re asking yourself the same:

1) What season are you getting married. Is hot or cold weather a factor?

2) What is your budget? Do you have the money to get your hair professionally done? Will a friend do it? What would work better with your budget?

3) What is the detail like on your dress? Do you have a beautiful, backless number? Would your hair look better up or down?

4) How do you wear your hair normally? What feels more special, more you?

5) How does your partner prefer your hair?

6) What hair accessories are you planning on sporting? A veil? Flowers? Bows? A headband? What hairstyle would suit these accessories the best?

Thinking about these questions should help start to guide your thinking. It’s a tough question – up or down?!

Here’s what I’m thinking so far. . .

My hair inspiration for up:

If you can’t guess from the photos, I really like light, flowing up-dos with florals. I’ll probably wear a veil for the ceremony, and a flower crown at the reception. Here are my thoughts on an up-do. . .


1) Pro. A cool head for a hot summer wedding.

2) Pro. Less room for human error during the night – no need to make sure it is positioned right for photos or flying wildly in the wind. If it’s done right, sprayed and pinned, it’s going to last you the night.

3) Con. Not as predictable. I know what my hair looks like down, but if I pay for a stylist to put it up, there’s more risk I wont like it.

4) Con. In general, I like my hair down more. I have a round face, and when I wear my hair down, it gives a more slender illusion.

5) Con. I wear my hair in a top-knot at least 4 days a week. I wear it up most of the time! Wearing it up, surprisingly feels less special.

6) Pro. Up-dos are more creative, and are really, really beautiful.

OK, so what about down? Here’s my inspiration for down:

Again, I wouldn’t abandon the floral idea, and would go for something natural and flowing. I wouldn’t wear it straight, I would probably curl it. And my hair goes half way down my back. Curled and down I know it would look beautiful.


1) Pro. I could probably get a friend to curl it for me. I would invest in some quality salon hair spray, but otherwise would save on the cost of a stylist.

2) Pro. I have long, thick hair. If I had short hair or thin hair, I would be more inclined to wear it up. But my hair is actually a decent texture and length, and it seems silly not to take advantage of this.

3) Con. I’m getting married in July. It’s going to be HOT.

4) Con. If it rains I will be a frizz ball!

5) Con. Veils look better with up-dos.

6) Pro. Flower crowns look better with hair that’s down.

7) Pro. The overall wedding theme I am going for is natural and simple. Lots of white, flowers, peach colors, clean, simple decorations and food. Wearing my hair down just feels more youthful and simple – the overall vibe I want the day to have.

What do you think? I think the cards are stacked evenly, I really can’t decide! What did you do for your wedding? What do you prefer?


10 Replies to “Wedding Hair”

  1. I think you’ve already decided to wear it down, you just haven’t accepted it! ;-) All the photos are gorgeous! As I’m sure you will be no matter what you decide! Do a trial run for the hair beforehand if you can – maybe for both to decide! I had to do two before my stylist got ‘my vision’ down! Good luck!


  2. Sounds like you are leaning more towards down but keep in mind some of it depends on the dress as well. Have you picked it out yet? What kind of neckline will it have? Is the back fancy or simple? If it’s fancy, you’d probably want to show that off with an up do. If it’s simple, long would work well. My suggestion would be, since you have some time before the date, maybe try having it styled a couple of times with the top of the list up dos even if it’s a friend helping to try to duplicate something from a photo just to get an idea. Just some thoughts.


    1. I completely agree and I wasn’t even factoring in the dress!! It’s strapless with lots of beads, peals, and tulle :) Not a lot of design on the back, so maybe down? I have a girlfriend who is good with hair so I think I will do just what you suggest and maybe invite her over to try a few things with the dress ;)


  3. Why don’t you ask B?! And ddupre has a good point, it depends on the dress too. You could always wear it up for the wedding and down for the reception or vice versa. Congrats!!!


    1. :) I should ask B. I bet he would say up – he calls me teapot head because I always wear my hair in a top-knot like a teapot cozy ;) I think he has a special affection for up! But a mix of both is a great idea, I think that’s what I am leaning towards.


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