Rainbow Reflections

I came across the 2013 Capture The Color photo contest this afternoon and knew I had to enter. I’ve been in such a reflective mood all evening, and scrolling through my travel blog posts, picking out the most vibrant and colorful memories was a sweet, therapeutic journey. I could ramble on, but this is about colors! The challenge was to post one photo per color, red, blue, green, yellow, and white. This past year I’ve been to Belgium, France, Germany, Portugal, England, numerous states in the US, and of course Holland. I’ve seen many people, many sights, and many breath taking colors along the way. So without further ado . . . .

BlueThe most blue ocean I have ever seen. The thin thread of turquoise blue that splits the ocean and the sky is brilliant. Photo taken in Nice, France. Originally on this post.

img_3550Green spring tulips at the Floating Flower Market in Amsterdam. Find the original post here.

red4Red thatched roofs in Lisbon, Portugal. I’ve seen many cities with red roofs, but this one almost seemed miniature. I could make out every shingle, every arch and chimney with a surprising clarity. From my adventures with Amie, published here.

whiteA white iPhone photo snap in Cannes, France. Sometimes the water looks like heaven when you least expect it. Can you see the fish floating in the crystal clear ocean? Photo first posted here.

yellow2Yellow houses in the French Riviera. Somehow these seaside colors remind me of Curious George. Man in the yellow hat, anyone?? Made this one a bit more yellow in ‘shop, but you can see the original photo here.

If you’re interested in the source of these gems, click on the ‘travel’ tab of my blog and read all about my travel adventures from this past year. It’s been a colorful year of new sights, new friends, and new adventures! x

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