Easy Green Halloween Pasta

One of my very first blog posts was about The End is Near Halloween party. Last year around this time, B and I went to my friend Melissa’s for the evening, got all spooked up, and then hit the town for a night of monster mashing. But before that, Melissa served a deliciously-squeemish green pasta dinner, one I have been wanting to recreate all year! So today, in lieu of the upcoming spook-holiday, I give you Easy Green Halloween Pasta!IMG_4672 copyEw, I know, right?! It’s scary easy to make. You only need three ingredients, one of them being water which doesn’t even count. IMG_4606To get started, grab a box of plane jane pasta. You could use a fancy pasta like rotini or ziti, but I find that spaghetti looks the most creepy-crawly when colored green! For every one pound of pasta, you’ll need 5 quarts of water. Fill up your pot and then add in two good tablespoons of green dye. Now is a good time to salt the water as well ;) For taste of course!IMG_4623The more food dye you add, the darker the pasta will become. IMG_4624Now, I have an induction stove top which means my water boils in less than 30 seconds. So I threw my pasta into the pot right away no harm down. However, if you have a gas or electric cooker, you will want to wait for you water to boil before adding the spaghetti – just like any other pasta night.
IMG_4627Bring the water in your pot to a boil and then add the pasta. Be sure to give it a good stir in the first minute or two so your spaghetti strands don’t stick together.IMG_4645Follow your package directions for cook time. When it’s done, take it out of the pot, strain it, and then keep it in the colander. IMG_4657Now, you could eat your pasta like this – a solid, minty green color throughout. OR, you could add in another dab of green food dye, highlighting strands and pasta curls in a squeamish fashion.
IMG_4666Transfer the spaghetti to your plate and top it off however you like.IMG_4672The dye doesn’t influence the taste, so you can serve your green pasta like ‘normal’. I whipped up a quick marinara sauce, as a thick, blood red topping seemed quite fitting for Halloween pasta. IMG_4674IMG_4682I used some sliced olives and little meatballs to make  B a spaghetti monster plate. This is obviously the more kid-friendly version!IMG_4676Or you could be more mature, and serve it with some fresh basil and parmesan cheese, whichever you prefer.IMG_4688Either way, your green pasta will steal the show – a quick, easy and fun halloween dinner!  Like the skeleton says before dinner. . . . Bone appetit!


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