De Wasserette Amsterdam

Today I cleaned the house, bought a puzzle, and drank coffee at a corner-side cafe. It’s been a lazy one to say the least, but that’s OK. Sunday’s are meant for self respect, whether that means going to church or nursing a hangover. If you want to lie in bed watching movies until 3pm on Sunday, that’s OK. If you want to wake up at 8am and do laundry, that’s also OK. On Sunday, you gotta do what you gotta do, even if that includes watching four episodes of Downton Abbey. This Sunday started with a big mug of lemon and honey tea. I have been fighting a stubborn head cold for the past month, and I’m determined to win! B was kind enough to brew me this delicious remedy, before he started clicking away at his laptop in the living room. I sat in bed watching puddles form outside. Around noon the rain let up and we decided to pop out for a coffee. I use the phrase ‘pop out’ a lot, but this time, I really mean it. De Wasserette, our favorite weekend coffee spot, is literally 6 doors down. Because it’s so close we tend to treat it like our very own kitchen, heading over without grooming or primping in the least. We threw on our big fuzzy fall sweaters and popped ;) downstairs to our coffee neighbors for a steamy Sunday latte. IMG_4776De Wasserette is simple, and totally Dutch. In the morning they serve warm drinks and ‘breakfast’, which in Holland means big slabs of bread with various meat and cheese toppings. B and I come for the coffee – their lattes are super creamy and one of the best in de Pijp.IMG_4779Today, de Wasserette was surprisingly sparse, probably due to the rain that fell all morning long. On a typical Sunday, it’s hard to find a seat.IMG_4786IMG_4783Our usual is two lattes and a flapjack to share. I eat B’s latte foam and he gets most of the flapjack. Win-win if you ask me.IMG_4770IMG_4782De Wasserette is a corner cafe, a great perch for people watching. They have indoor and outdoor seating, so you can escape the chill or enjoy the sun, depending on the weather and your mood.IMG_4784IMG_4792^ ^ See, I told you, unbrushed hair and sleepy pillow eyes!!IMG_4803^ ^ I did have time to slip on my Great Great Aunt Madeline’s ring. She was the monarch of our family and passed away last winter at age 101. My Gramma gave me this ring for my birthday and I haven’t taken it off since. IMG_4805We finished our lattes, pleased as always.IMG_4806If you’re in the neighborhood and want to pop by de Wasserette, here is a super adorable hand-drawn map of where you can find them. They open at 7.30am and close around 6pm. And their lattes come highly recommended!! xx

21 Replies to “De Wasserette Amsterdam”

  1. I wish I was in the neighborhood, but I’ll remember if and when. Love how pretty your blog is :) I’m such a girly-girl. And of course, the ring -dahling- is divine! Hugs.


  2. Sounds lovely. That is a dream of mine, to live in a quaint little area with a cafe/coffee shop close by and lots of things within walking/biking distance. We found a great little area of Tokyo this weekend that may fit that “want” and I’m trying to convince (not hard because he loved it too) to retire in Harajuku (Tokyo neighborhood), Japan. But that’s years away yet and we have a lot of moving around to do before then, Hawaii is likely next for our orders.


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