Happy Halloween!

Although there are no trick-or-treaters in Holland, the 31st of October is still a night for mischief, tricks, and ample treats – you just have to know where to find them ;) This year B and I booked tickets to the Nightmare on the Rozengracht, a pop-up haunted house in Amsterdam’s very own Boom Chicago. IMG_4851Upon arriving we were given a number – our one-way ticket into a house filled with horror and spook. While we waited to be summoned, we were serenaded by creepy tunes, surrounded by dancing ghouls and demons.
IMG_4822 IMG_4829IMG_4830IMG_4815We enjoyed a drink and joined in on the merriment – until our number was called and it was timeIMG_4837IMG_4843IMG_4846We wandered into the haunted house, which was understandably a camera free zone. To be fair, I was slightly preoccupied anyways, looking over my shoulder, trying not to get snagged by hands or other terrors groping in the dark. It was an awesome experience, one I would definitely recommend and did not expect to find in the Netherlands!

When B and I got home, we continued our Halloween festivities by carving a pumpkin.
I drew the design v vIMG_4869And B did most of the knife-work.IMG_4876IMG_4882IMG_4883In honor of our spooky evening, we made a scared pumpkin. We happily welcomed him into our family, introducing him to our silly ways v v
IMG_4896IMG_4901 IMG_4906It was a fun evening, spent making new traditions with one of my old favorites ;)
IMG_4907Happy Halloween everyone!! XxIMG_4910

5 Replies to “Happy Halloween!”

  1. I must offer this caption for the photo of you holding the carved pumpkin in front of your own noggin, Ali: Oh, no, not another bright idea for Oct. 31! Thanks for the fun pictures.


    1. Haha I had a good laugh when I read that!! To be honest, it did not cross my mind at the time, but now every time I look at him sitting on the kitchen table, all I can think is ‘blow up doll’!


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