Weekend Playtime in de Pijp

What happens when you mix no sleep with three cups of coffee and two early hours of Nicki Minaj??
Dacing in the kitchenBack story: on Friday night I had to work until 1am. When Saturday morning generously followed in suit (sigh),  I started climbing the walls. Why hadn’t the weekend started yet?! It was already half way over! When I hit ‘send’ on my last e-mail ’round lunchtime, celebration was in order. Cue kitchen dance party! I got through approximately three Nicki Minaj tracks before B kicked me out of the house, embarrassed, because he had friends over. Fine, I didn’t want to play with you guys anyways!

Enter my Saturday playground, lovely de Pijp. A cozy corner of Amsterdam where I spend my early mornings, evenings, and weekends shopping, strolling, and taking in the views.

IMG_5331I live on a pedestrian-only street that is lined with shops and restaurants and bikes. It’s pretty ideal – everything I need is literally at my doorstep! There are butchers and yogurt shops and concept coffee stores.IMG_5329Vintage clothes and toys for kids. Can you believe this cute little giraffe is my neighbor?IMG_5342If you’re thinking it’s all a bit too urban for you, simply stroll on to the next block. Here you will find Sarphatipark, a brief oasis of greenery in an otherwise very cramped city.  IMG_5348IMG_5365In the park dogs play, and ducks swim. And at this time of year, all of the trees are dying in a brilliant shade.IMG_5367Hyper and lacking play buddies, I befriended some really cool turkey-ducks. Or lat least that’s what I started calling them, because it’s close to thanksgiving and they do look like some kind of exotic game you would stumble upon in a fall walk., IE. a turkey. But they’re really ducks. Turkey-ducks. IMG_5384I made pretend to feed them (just did a throwing gesture!) and they came right over to say hi.  IMG_5387Hi duck with a cool purple feather, you would make a pretty hat but I like you as a duck.IMG_5375There were lots of seagulls in the park too, all just kind of chillin’ for once which was a nice change, seagulls are normally quite bothersome! IMG_5396IMG_5403IMG_5407Across from the park is B’s favorite street in all of de Pijp. When B and I go for a walk and he gets to navigate, we always end up on this street. It’s his usual to end the walk on, saying goodnight to our favorite houses last.IMG_5414 IMG_5413On the other side of the park is another de Pijp gem, de Emaillekeizer. IMG_5426They mainly sell enamelware (damn my lack of storage space!!) but also have a lot of handicrafts from West Africa, such as baskets, lamps, mats, and jewelry (I stole that from the website, go look, it’s cool). If you and I are friends, you can expect to get a token from there for Christmas!!IMG_5420IMG_5418IMG_5419Venturing down the Albert Cuypstraat is not my favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon, as this is peak shopping time and it’s usually swarming with people. But to close the loop this was the quickest way to get home, so I took a deep breath and dove into the crowd. IMG_5429Some of the purses really crack me up – check out these owl ones!IMG_5430And of course some of the last stalls I pass before reaching home are the absolute smelliest. IMG_5455But I don’t mind. Fresh squid might not smell delicious but it sure does taste good. And it looks so squiggly and fun!IMG_5456And on that note I am now going to say goodnight. I hope you enjoyed weekend playtime in de Pijp! Night night. Xx

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