Scandinavian Embassy, Amsterdam

I really love good coffee. I’ve come to appreciate a fresh brew, warm, foamy milk that’s heated just right, and exotic beans. So while I’m a regular at de Wasserette, I’m always open to trying out a new boutique coffee spot in town. Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz around Scandinavian Embassy. They’ve newly opened and are on my street, so I really didn’t have an excuse not to go.

IMG_6065The owners are meticulous craftsmen, who not only brew delicious coffee but also build beautiful interiors. They conceptualized Scandinavian Embassy and then built it from the ground up, making shelves, walls, and tables by hand.IMG_6054The interior is cosy and fresh, smelling of clean cut wood.IMG_6068IMG_6063The coffee is also delicious – creamy, smooth, and served with love at just the right temperature. IMG_6071B and I got our coffees to go, and enjoyed a casual stroll around de Pijp.IMG_6075The drinks were just right, and we are excited to welcome our new, delicious neighbors! IMG_6074If you need a quick early morning pick me up, or fancy a lazy Sunday munch and brunch, you can find Scandanavian Embasy at: Sarphatipark 34, 1072 PB Amsterdam,Netherlands. Happy sipping!

16 Replies to “Scandinavian Embassy, Amsterdam”

  1. Thanks for sharing. :) To see the coffee inside and to see so Scandinavien/Swedish styled coffee outside the area is fantastic! I do agree they really made the perfect decoration.


  2. Ali, although it’s brief, I think this is one of my favorite reviews of yours! The pictures are stunning–especially the feature of your dainty red-polished hand holding the cup. You are such a talent!


  3. Hi! This was a very nice review. Thank you for visiting!! A small note, we are called Scandinavian Embassy, without the “The”. Hope to se you around soon again!


    1. Sorry for that! I’ll go in and change it on the blog now :) I have a relative who insists on calling Walmart ‘The Walmart’ and it drives me nuts! I’ll definitely be back for another coffee X


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