Christmas Nightcap

The last time B and I went to London, we stayed with B’s good friend MJ. To show our gratitude, we presented our gracious host with vodka and Malibu and pineapple juice. Surly the mixings for a fun time, and a sweet ‘thanks’ to boot. Since then, MJ has come to Amsterdam to visit us twice, and each time he has returned the boozy favor. Hello new awesome friendship tradition!

The last time MJ came to stay, he brought a big bottle of Disaronno. If you’re not familiar, Disaronno is fruity amaretto, with a delicious bittersweet almond taste.IMG_6278Of course we couldn’t finish the whole bottle during MJ’s long weekend stay, so for the past few weeks, B and I have been tapping into the Disaronno and enjoying a cheeky nightcap – a strong, sweet drink before bed to welcome our slumber and take the edge off the day. IMG_6316Our favorite recipe is easy. So much so that it only has two ingredients: milk and Disaronno. For one serving you’ll need three parts milk and one part Disaronno. The proportions don’t have to be exact and I usually eyeball it – if it’s too strong you can always add more milk and if it’s not strong enough, well, you know what to do ;)

Pour your milk into a small sauce pan and place it on the burner over a medium-high heat. With a spoon, keep stirring until the milk is just about to come to a boil. Take it off the heat and then pour the milk into your mug. Add a splash of Disaronno and serve. If you’re feeling fancy you could garnish your drink with some syrup or whipped cream, but I truly think it’s match made in heaven as-is.
IMG_6295The other night, B and I had our nightcap a bit early. We weren’t quite ready for bed, and decided to go on a tipsy-happy-warm walk through Amsterdam. One thing lead to another and somehow we ended up at the grocery store, buying a Christmas tree. We came home, set her up, and decided to do some Monday night Christmas decorating. IMG_6318IMG_6320We’re nomads, so we only have a small box of Christmas decorations. Some string lights, some candles, some ornaments, and some Little Golden Book holiday plates.
IMG_6330B usually does the lights while I do the un-boxing. We then take turns placing the ornaments one by one. All the while sipping our nightcaps and listening to Christmas tunes.IMG_6365 IMG_6361 IMG_6342Decorating the a Christmas tree really gets you into the holiday spirit! I love Christmas and really can’t wait to be celebrating in the states with my family :)

16 Replies to “Christmas Nightcap”

  1. I have fallen in love with Amaretto as well but have to be very careful with it. There’s so much sugar in that stuff! My love of it started while visiting my husband’s Mawmaw (Grandmother) and they brought a Crown Royal bottle down from the cabinet. CR I’m not big on but when they poured me a little shot of what they had inside I was in love. Homemade Amaretto is ten times better than Disaronno. I had to have the recipe and they copied it down as I put down another shot of it – sipping not slamming. lol I made my first batch a few months ago and it’s lovely but my blood sugar goes crazy so this batch will last me a long time. It’s easy to make, let me know if you want the recipe. =)


    1. There is a truck load of sugar and I think that’s (guilty!) why I like it so much. I’ve never heard of homemade amaretto but it sounds amazing for the holidays! Is it an easy recipe? I would love it – I’ve never made a liquor before!


      1. It’s very easy: 4qts water, 7 cups sugar, 1 cup dark karo syrup, 2 oz vanilla extract, 1 litre pure grain alcohol (everclear or golden grain – I used vodka), 5 oz almond extract. Mix water, sugar and syrup in large pot. boil for 50 minutes. Cool completely. Add vanilla and almond extract and alcohol. Stir well and bottle. Wait 21 days or as long as you can. That’s it!


        1. Ohh gosh you’re right, that is A LOT of sugar!! I am going to try making some when I’m at my parent’s house next week, I’ll let you know how it comes out. Thanks for sharing the recipe X


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