Exploring the Rijksmuseum

B isn’t a huge fan of getting his photo taken. He puts up with his snap-happy blogger girlfriend, but isn’t really fond of posing for the camera (ask him why, he will tell you some funny stories). So I was surprised when last weekend, he suggested we bring my camera on along our Sunday playdate to the Rijks. Usually I have to ask politely before I bring my camera on an A+B outing, but this time B suggested the notion without my influence. He took most of these photos, and I promised I would credit him on the blog for his artistic eye.

Recently, we went to the Rijks for Museum Nacht, but vowed to return as we only got to explore the first two floors. This place is massive, and I won’t hesitate to go back again and again. You really can get lost, and engulfed in history and books and some of the most brilliant paintings of all time is a sublime place to lose yourself, and perhaps even discover something new.
IMG_6168Standing in the Rijks is a marvel in and of itself. The architecture is a beautiful juxtaposition of old and new, timeless history and modern thought.IMG_6249^ ^ I swear I am reading a history map and am not texting!!IMG_6256^ ^ This one is photo-credit-Ali, as I had to steal the camera from B to capture this owl!IMG_6250^ ^ My favorite piece in the museum. 
IMG_6232^ ^ I took this photo as well, as the people admiring Rembrandt’s work were almost as thought provoking as the painting itself. I love people watching – wondering about other’s relationships, where they are from, what they think of their surroundings. I often ask the same questions when looking at art.
IMG_6237 IMG_6200B and I have created a photography game that we play when we’re out with the camera. We both take a photo of the same subject, and then afterwards compare and contrast the two, and vote together on which one is the best. I’m really competitive and B is really talented, so it’s a fun game for both of us. B’s photo of the Rijk’s library is on top and mine is below. We both have such a different eye for photography. I love that B has the ability to see the world in a completely different light, and is always opening my vision to a new perspective. We operate on different sides of the brain, and sometimes I feel like he fills this huge gap in my life that I didn’t even know existed. Anyways, I didn’t mean to get sappy! These two photos very accurately reflect our personalities. I like symmetry, and find beauty in balance (Libra!). B is careful but always looking for a new, creative perspective. Which photo do you prefer?
IMG_6205 IMG_6193^ ^ Some proof of B’s creative perspectives! v v IMG_6184 IMG_6179^ ^ I found this funny. ‘Still life with Asparagus’ IE. What the Dutch did instead of Instagraming food photos in 1697.IMG_6264^ ^ The exhibit on the very top floor was all about airplanes. B’s brother is training to be a pilot and B just made a film of them flying together, so B took a timely interest in the planes and their history.
IMG_6261IMG_6172IMG_6273On our way out we stopped to listen to a busking orchestra play Four Seasons by Vivaldi. After having such a visual experience in the museum, it was lovely to just close our eyes and reminisce about the day, taking in the music.

13 Replies to “Exploring the Rijksmuseum”

  1. I like your photo best. The other is a bit underexposed. Not that I am a pro photographer of course! A beautiful museum. The aircraft and the paintings interest me the most.


    1. If you’re a history lover, the Rijks is a brilliant place to visit! I actually got entrance for free with my Museum Nacht bracelet (if you participate in Museum Nacht in Amsterdam, you also get regular entrance to one museum before the end of the year) but I think the price is quite reasonable – around €15 or so and you can easily spend a full day there. Very worth it :)


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