180 Christmas Party

I have not been this hungover in a LONG time. Today, my mind feels like jelly and my hands feel like heavy bricks. Because my limbs are absolute lead, this post will be short and sweet, and will consist of mainly photos. Last night was the 180 Christmas party. I’ve told you about these before, and as usual, it was awesome-fun-scandalous-amaze! We recently produced this killer spot for Playstation, so in light of the campaign the theme of the party was video games.

I made my own dress which was inspired by Duck Hunt. I wouldn’t advise wearing this costume to a party where alcohol is being consumed, because when you’re drunk and trying to tell people you’re dressed as “Duck Hunt” . . . the phrase tends to get misinterpreted . . . I made my dress with hot glue, paper cutouts, and decoupage. Everyone looked fabulous and I would LOVE to post more party photos here. But some are quite embarrassing, so I’m going to keep it short. Happy holiday season :)

180 XMass_2013_MG_7016180 XMass_2013_MG_7096 180 XMass_2013_MG_6916 180 XMass_2013_MG_7094 180 XMass_2013_MG_7255

9 Replies to “180 Christmas Party”

  1. Well thank you for giving me a great laugh on cold Friday morning. That last picture caught me completely off guard and I loved it. It’s wonderful to see people actually LIVING while they are alive and you and B certainly live. Kudos! I tip my hat to you.


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