Maine, The Way Life Should Be

Maine has many slogans. It’s where American’s Day Begins due to it’s eastern reaching shoreline. It’s often called Vacationland as a homage to Maine’s beautiful four season weather, not to mention the mountains, lakes, woods, and the endless miles of sandy beaches. However, my favorite Maine slogan is The Way Life Should Be. I’ve traveled around the globe, and have lived in many different abodes. But snowy Maine clapboard houses are what my brain instinctively connects with the word home. I’m programmed to believe that Maine truly is the way life should be!

Since I’ve been at my parent’s I’ve been trying to enjoy the best of Maine. Waking up early to watch the turkeys eating from the bird feeders, driving around town Portland, taking a trip up to the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport, playing in the snow, and having cozy sleepovers at my grandparent’s in the woods. Here are a few snaps from this past week in Maine.IMG_7114In the last week we’ve had not one but two snowstorms! The first time around my Dad was home to dig us out, but the second storm came while my Dad was traveling. I ended up having to snowblow the driveway! I’ve gone from living a mild Dutch winter to being completely immersed in snow in Maine.
IMG_7127Shortly after the storm we drove up to my Grandparent’s house for dinner. The sky was dark and dramatic and the fresh snowscapes were something from a postcard.IMG_7139My grandparent’s street was slippery and plastered in snow.
IMG_7149My Gramma and Papa live on a lake, and this time of year it’s completely frozen. Someday I hope to have an equally dreamy kitchen sink view! I spent the night at their house and woke up early to go on a walk and take some photos outside.IMG_7165IMG_7161IMG_7159IMG_7170 IMG_7174After an enjoyable stay at my Grandparent’s house, I headed back down to my parent’s house and had some bonding time. Meet my parent’s cat, Sox.IMG_7181I’m incredibly allergic to cats, but I can’t resist doting on him!IMG_7185 IMG_7285On Wednesday we drove down to Boston and picked up B. He didn’t have as much holiday time as me, so he joined me in the States a week later. After a day spent at the house, we were feeling a bit stir crazy and decided to go for a walk in Portland. However, the roads were so icy and slippery, so we spent most of our Portland time shopping inside. I snapped the above photo during our walk, and the next day, a very similar photo was on the front cover of the Portland newspaper! IMG_7300IMG_7296IMG_7328I also finally got B up to Freeport where the LL Bean flagship store is located. They have a giant boot out front that B has been dying to take that quintessential Maine photo with!IMG_7313 copyBoot photo, check! Hope you’re all having a happy holiday season! Can’t wait to share some more Maine adventures with you soon! X


27 Replies to “Maine, The Way Life Should Be”

  1. Wow, the photos are fantastic, Ali! Such scenery, and the kitty is beautiful. The snowy road reminds me of snowmobiling in Michigan many years ago. I wish you and your family a merry Christmas way up north! :)


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