Breakfast at The Egg & I

I don’t usually blog about chain restaurants. In fact, I don’t usually eat at chain restaurants. But I received a new camera for Christmas (which I will tell you all about in a later post) and it was tucked away neatly in my purse (it’s new home) when my parents suggested we go to The Egg & I for breakfast. I’d been wanting to take my new camera for a test drive, and the morning after Christmas, at a low-key family breakfast, seemed like a great opportunity. I didn’t intend to blog about The Egg & I, but the food was great and the photos came out nice, so I figure, why not!

I assumed that The Egg & I would be comparable to an IHOP or a Friendy’s. You know, the kind of quick breakfast spot with big plastic booths, oversized cups of ice water, littles running around underfoot, and a ton of greasy heavily breaded items on the menu. But when we arrived, I knew right away this was a step up – big wooden booths, an older crowd, and decor similar to your mom’s Maine kitchen.

P1030229The menu was inexpensive, simple, and wholesome. And despite being a national chain, they even had a portion of the menu dedicated to the local Maine specialties.
P1030233P1030242My Mom had a pesto, artichoke, and asparagus omelette, B had a breakfast burrito, my Dad had a reuben, and I had lobster hash with poached eggs. The food was filling and delicious – big US portions with a hearty punch of wholesome flavor.
P1030249 P1030257P1030251 P1030256P1030259All in all I would recommend The Egg & I for a lazy, inexpensive breakfast. There are locations popping up everywhere, and it’s an easy meal that’s usually closer than some of the more more authentic in-town diners. Perfect for a snowy morning when you don’t want to drive too far, or when you’re with a big group of hungry family!
P1030269Afterwards we did some Boxing Day sale shopping! I’ve been having such an awesome holiday with the family – in my next posts I’ll share a Christmas update, a trip B and I took to to NYC, and our New Years eve adventures in Boston! Until then :) Xx


7 Replies to “Breakfast at The Egg & I”

  1. Oh that food looks so good! Big US portions – problem. My wife and I wonder why huge portions are everywhere in this country. Looks like a great place to eat, and yay for new cameras!


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