New York City Part 1

While B and I were in the US, we made a point of driving down to New York. B’s brother lives just north of New York City with his wife and kids, and we wanted to spend some time with them while we were in the States. After a few days of catching up and playing with the kids in their hometown, we decided to all take a field trip into the city. It was only a 45 minute drive, and contrary to my previous experiences of driving into NYC, we didn’t pass one toll, accident, or roadside hurdle!IMG_7776IMG_7781As we zoomed under the George Washington bridge, my heart started to flutter. I hold New York City in high regard. It’s home to Gossip Girl, Girls, and Sex in the City. I’ve seen Les Miserables and Lion King on Broadway in this city. I’ve watched Kings of Leon at Madison Square Garden. I’ve had some of the best drunken nights out with my girlfriends here and it’s THE place to come shopping. I made some amazing memories in New York City, and some amazing people have walked these streets. And call me American, but I love the opportunity and potential that lies on every street corner . . . in the ability here to find anything under the sun, meet the most diverse people, and walk in any direction to find an adventure. . . New York, I will live in you someday!IMG_7798But for now I will make due with the sporadic trip, taking photos of yellow taxis to remember their invasive color and harassive  nature. IMG_7816Our first stop was the Chelsea Market for a quick breakfast pick-me-up. IMG_7908As we had the kids with us (who are five and two), we had a very child-friendly day.
IMG_7848We spent some time making wishes and throwing pennies into this bottomless fountain.IMG_7829 IMG_7851IMG_7850IMG_7853And then we wound our way into Sarabeth’s for some cookies and coffee. IMG_7858IMG_7859IMG_7864IMG_7880 IMG_7856IMG_7875Following our refill, we wrapped up and headed into the city streets. B’s sister-in-law suggested we walk along the High Line, as it offers some great views of the city and is a fun child-friendly activity.  IMG_7890 IMG_7900IMG_7922IMG_7925If you’ve never been, I highly recommend it. It’s one of the top NYC attractions and it’s completely free! The High Line is an elevated train line that was was built in the 1930’s, running through Manhattan’s industrial district. Because the tracks are now obsolete, the High Line has been converted into a long, elevated park that runs through Manhattan and offers some stunning views of the city to the public. IMG_7935The kids love it because it gives them a birds eye view of the city. The tracks are filled with plants and the path is surrounded by art. The entire line is well fenced in, so the littles can run free and there’s no worry of them popping over the edge!IMG_7927 IMG_7928IMG_7970IMG_7977IMG_7949IMG_7937IMG_7936IMG_7939IMG_7982There are a lot of construction zones around the line, which the kids (especially my godson!) love to watch. It’s as if their big dig toys are positioned down below, building homes and creating foundations.IMG_8059IMG_8048 IMG_8039IMG_8046IMG_8031One of the reasons I love New York is because every shot is so real, so gritty, so beautiful. The sharp geometric lines and the bright neon city lights make for a beautiful urban landscape. IMG_8028 IMG_8027 IMG_8024 IMG_8011 IMG_8010 IMG_8003 IMG_7998 IMG_7997I’ve taken a billion photos from our day in the city, so I’ll leave the rest of the pictures for another day. But here are two more, and they’re some of my favorites – a skyscraper being built at the very end of the High Line. IMG_8065 IMG_8067Ohh New York, someday you will be mine! :)

18 Replies to “New York City Part 1”

      1. I loved going to the top of the Empire State Building, and Times Square was cool, too. Of course shopping in New York is a must, even if you don’t buy anything. It’s a great city to just explore. When I go back, I want to go to Central Park, because I didn’t get to see it last time I was in New York.


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