Hardy Farm Wedding Update

A few months back I told you all about our wedding venue hunt. We were on the lookout for a romantic and authentic Maine barn to tie the knot in. Eventually, we settled on Hardy Farm. Even though the venue was ideal, it was a difficult decision to make as we live overseas and could not see the venue in person. My parents kindly acted as our eyes, driving up to Fryeburg and gushing on about how great Hardy Farm truly was. So we took a leap of faith and put down a deposit, and then waited about six months before we were actually able to see the venue for ourselves! Our Christmas in Maine was really special, and seeing Hardy Farm for the first time is just one of the many happy reasons why.

I took a lot of photos while I was there, so I thought I would do a Hardy Farm wedding update for any brides who are also interested in the venue. As the snow was knee-deep, I didn’t take many photos of the property outside, but I took ample photos inside the farm-house and the barn. The drive up was relaxing, it’s a little over an hour from my parent’s house in Scarborough, tucked away in the White Mountains. P1030312If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a winter wedding at Hardy Farm could be for you. There are lots of ski slopes and winter sporting resorts nearby.P1030326P1030333There are also Christmas tree farms and big frozen lakes, among other things.

When we pulled into Hardy Farm, I was immediately convinced it was the right venue. Everything was covered in snow, and the farm-house was decorated with in red bows and old-fashioned sleighs. It was a romantic winter wonderland. I can only imagine how glorious the grounds must be when they transform in the spring. P1030457I didn’t take any photos of the outside, due to the cold, but you can check it out on their website here. We started our tour inside the house, leaving the best (the barn) for last.P1030337P1030345Every little detail was charming, from the pillow shams down to the decor on the night table. P1030341P1030351

At Hardy Farm there are 7 bedroom in total. Each bedroom has a modern bathroom, and most of them have a jacuzzi (hello wedding night funtimes!) There’s also a communal dining room, living room, den, kitchen, and reading nook, not to mention a sun porch and stone patio.

P1030380P1030408P1030378P1030473There’s even a massage parlor, with a built-in sauna.P1030404Attached to the Farm House is the Apartment, where my parents will stay and the bridal party will get ready. It has a separate bedroom, kitchen, living room, and dinning area, ideal for hiding out and drinking mimosas before the wedding!P1030392 P1030390After we toured the house, we headed into the barn. I caught a peek of it while walking up into the apartment, and my first thought was it looks just like the photosP1030412 P1030438The barn is white washed and dreamy. It’s where B and I will have our first dance as a married couple. Here we will drink champagne and cut our wedding cake and break it down to Call Me Maybe until 1am :)P1030444 P1030440P1030415I still can’t get my head around it. That we will get married here. That all of the people we love and care about will be in this room, at Hardy Farm, celebrating with us. So far, getting married has been very surreal. Planning from abroad, making lists, excel sheets, cold calls, and bookmarking web pages. There’s a lot of hard work and then suddenly in one awesome day everything comes into fruition. Visiting Hardy Farm made our wedding day seem much more real, and has given me something to fantasize about in the meantime!
P1030427If you have any questions about Hardy Farm or are another Hardy Farm bride, I would love to chat!! Please feel free to use the comment section below – I am happy to answer questions about the venue, vendors, Greg and Deborah (who have both been an absolute delight to work with), etc.

You can check out my original post on Maine Barn Weddings here.

xo Ali

11 Replies to “Hardy Farm Wedding Update”

  1. What a lovely place to celebrate your wedding. We have a summer home in Naples, Maine and go to Fryeburg several times during the summer to have dinner at the Oxford house in town that you are your friends might like. :)


  2. Hi,
    I am so happy to come across your blog. My fiancé and I are going to tour hardy farm in a few weeks for a 2015 wedding. I was wondering what vendors for food you ended up using. I’m getting overwhelmed with all the planning and I can’t imagine doing it overseas.


  3. What is capacity for the barn? I couldn’t find the info on their website. Also, if you don’t mind sharing the price range, I couldn’t find that information either. I know rates are likely to change with time and what not, but a general idea/starting point would be great!


    1. Hey Audrey! The barn can hold 100 guests seated at tables for dinner and up to 150 guests for a service or reception. They also have a brand new sail boat tent you can rent for additional seating if needed – and they now have tables and chairs too :) On the rate, I would recommend you ask the owners. I booked with them in 2013 and was one of the first brides, so I got an introductory rate. I really have no idea what it is now! If I recall, they had options for day rental, 1 night, 2 nights, and so on. So they’re pretty scalable in cost. Good luck and congrats!


  4. Hi there – so great to come across this! I am also planning my wedding from abroad (ahh!) and am looking for pretty much ANY venue in New England. Or maybe England – we’re still really open! This looks really lovely, though – can you comment on how it’s been to plan from overseas? And you mention dancing until 1am – we’re looking for someplace that won’t kick us out at 10pm or have a cap on when we need to shush the music. This might be the place? Thanks for any thoughts!


  5. This is a great blog! Thanks so much for reviewing the venue and posting your visit here. I am newly engaged and visiting Hardy Farm in a few weeks, hoping to hold a Spring/Summer 2016 wedding there, and am trying to figure out pricing/budget options based on their preferred vendors. Which vendors did you use? And did you find it easy to stay within reasonable prices? (Which I know is different for everyone, but just figured I would ask!)


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