STACH, Amsterdam

STACH is a new, trendy spot in Amsterdam where you can pick up an organic dinner to go or sip a leisurely latte. They have three locations in Amsterdam, and one just so happens to be a six-minute walk from my house. There are some excellent coffee spots on my street (here and here) but some Sundays B and I just want to escape the neighborhood, sit inside, and sip our coffees in silence. Our first choice for coffee this weekend was Hutspot, a new concept store and coffee shop in Amsterdam. But unbeknownst to us, they were hosting Amsterdam Fashion Week events, and the place was beyond packed when we showed up. Luckily, we knew STACH was just down the road, and they are by no means a consolation stop. STACH has good coffee, ample indoor seating, and just the laid back Sunday vibe we were looking for.IMG_9170IMG_9228I particularly love the STACH on the Van Woustraat, as they have a open-style loft where you can sit and people watch as customers scurry in and out of the shop.IMG_9172IMG_9223IMG_9222IMG_9177IMG_9188The coffees are also quite good, although I know in B’s opinion they are never quite hot enough!IMG_9178But I think they’re great, and the variety of sweets and snacks surely make up for the temperature of the coffee!Drinking Coffee

My local STACH  is located on the Van Woustraat 154 HS, 1073 LW, Amsterdam, Netherlands. You might want to check out their website, as they have three locations in Amsterdam and chances are there is a STACH even closer to you. The website is here, and it lists all of their locations & numbers. Cheers!

xo Ali

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