Romance in Amsterdam

I wanted to share a few snaps B and I took on our walk last night. To me, they’re cute photo memories that would otherwise all blend into one – one walk, one night among the many that all mingle together into years, and eventually into a lifetime. I love my camera because it makes me take a look closer at the moment while it’s happening, and gives me something tangible to reflect back on afterwards.

Today, I was looking at these photos of a typical B and Ali night, and I just thought, normal is pretty great. I take these little things – late night walks around Amsterdam, quiet dinners at home, a casual coffee in the neighbourhood – for granted. They’re my normal. They’re the expected. And yet when you take a step back to think about it, they’re pretty great.

I hadn’t planned on posting these, but as it’s Valentine’s Day and we’re celebrating love and all that hoopla, I wanted to share my ‘normal’, and say a little thank you to B. Because evening strolls around this gorgeous city are not normal. Holding your man’s hand while walking along a canal in Amsterdam is not normal. It’s frickin’ amazing. And I would not be on this crazy-wonderful adventure if it were not for B.IMG_0078^ ^ Some rocks in one of the shop windows by Museumplein. B and I are currently in the house hunting process. Once we buy a house, I am going to buy a BIG shadow box and put four of these raw, oversized beauties inside. A house-warming gift to myself ;) But first I need to find the house . . . IMG_0086We strolled into Museumplein which was wet and abandoned. It had just been raining, so we ventured from the house with umbrellas. Thankfully the rain stopped almost right away, and the streets were ours.IMG_0083IMG_0093IMG_0119I hammed around and B made a more serious effort to take some pretty photos.
AliAmsterdamIMG_0102IMG_0134The evening ended with a walk past the stores and a trip to the night shop.IMG_0138The night shop, which is pretty much for stoners or drunks who need sustenance at 2am, sells the best gum in town. You can’t get Bubblicious anywhere else, and to my absolut delight, they now carry Dessert gum as well!!! My mom has been sending me packages (to Europe) for the past four years. . .  containing solely Dessert gum! So this is huge!! As I was checking out, the cashier asked if I wanted to take a photo of the gum. Why yes, I would!IMG_0158Anyways, these are just a few snaps of ‘normal’ ;) I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day, but also find time throughout the year to take a step back and appreciate romance in the little things. Don’t let them all blend into one, don’t take the ‘normal’ for granted. And have a fabulous day!

xo Ali

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