A Day in Stockholm

I’ve been working at Sid Lee for the past two weeks, and I have to say, so far so good! I’m not yet drowning in work and I’ve been able to spent a good chunk of time learning about the business and the clients. I’ve met some cool, talented people, and from a personal standpoint, it’s just the change I needed. And to top it all off, I just got back from a crazy-cool team building workshop in Stockholm – so I’m getting to tour Europe a bit more as well!P1030759

If you’ve ever been on a business trip, you know it’s all work and hardly any play. Most of the time you stay up late working on a big presentation, and then you have to get up at the crack of dawn the next day for meetings. I’ve devised a particular travel mentality that revolves around the saying when in Rome. Yes, I will stay out for one more cocktail. Yes, I will get up at 6am to go on a long run around the city. Yes, I will hike up a ten story monument with my hand luggage, because hey, we have an extra 40 minutes until the cab arrives!

This trip to Stockholm was no exception, starting with my evening in the hotel. We were staying at Hotel Rival, owned by Benny Andersson of Abba. Every room had a copy of Abba Gold (only the greatest Abba hits of all time!) and a built in surround sound system – even in the bathroom! So on Monday night (after a long and boozy dinner) I stayed up late, swaying in the shower to Dancing Queen. It was superb, embarrassing, and epic. The hotel was really cool. In the rooms were small pots of candy, disco ball chandeliers, aforementioned music staples, and a snuggly teddy bear. Yes, a teddy bear!

On a slightly related note, I have some exciting news! I’ve been asked to be an ambassador for Radisson Blu, so for the next few months I’ll be traveling with them around Europe, staying in their hotels and getting to know the brand. Of course I’ll report back on the travels, but as part of the deal, I negotiated a little something for you too! Just a small something to say thank you for traveling with me around the world, and maybe even inspiring you to embark on a new adventure of your own :) So keep an eye out for something exciting for you as well as some new European travel tales – all thanks to the cool folks at Radisson Blu. From now on I’ll be staying exclusively with them, and I think Hotel Rival was a good note to end on :)

Anyways, back to Stockholm. Although my time there was limited, I woke up super early before meetings were scheduled, to explore the city. This was amazing because a. the city was quiet, sleepless, and the streets were all mine, and b. the sun was just rising. If you’ve never explored a European city at sunrise, you’ve never lived. P1030728I set off from the hotel fully prepared to get lost, which is my favorite way to explore a new city.P1030731P1030790P1030734Somehow I found my way to a beautiful lookout point, with gorgeous, early morning views of the Riddarfjärden Bay.P1030739P1030741P1030743Below you will find my failed selfie-attempt. This is the only downside to exploring a new city alone, super early in the morning – no passer-byers around to snap a quick photo memory! P1030775 P1030764P1030746P1030780P1030789P1030784I continued to get more and more lost, until it was time to get back to the hotel. Thankfully the streets of Stockholm are not winding and identical, and are fairly easy to navigate.P1030801I followed steeple tops and a memorised path of construction signs back to the hotel. P1030808Which, by the way, was situated in a beautiful square, also home to this interesting statue.P1030819After a quick bite in the hotel and a full day of meetings, some colleagues and I were lucky enough to escape work obligations with a few hours to spare until our flight home. So we hit the streets once more, this time in the city center as the guys wanted to do some shopping at Acne Studios, which is headquartered in Sweden. My priorities were slightly different, as I had gone all day without a proper coffee. P1030838So a girlfriend and I hit up a local bakery, where we indulged in sweets and Swedish coffee, which is awesome. P1030841 P1030842While day had started by exploring Stockholm at sunrise, it ended wandring the streets as the sun slowly set.

P1030826P1030831I took this last photo right before we got in the cab, and I pinkie swear I did not edit this photo what-so-ever. The sky was fading blue and the buildings were glowing pink as I said ‘tak’ (thank you) to Stockholm for such a great day, and sunshine to boot!P1030847If you’re in Stockholm for a day, here are a few places I tried, liked, and would recommend:

Dinner at Bar Nombre – Link to the website here. Food was good, cocktails were even better! The cucumber and elderflower vodka cocktail was divine and went down way too easy. We had reindeer for dinner which was also delicious.

Drinks (and maybe a haircut!) at Tjoget – Trendy cool bar, often awarded for their great drinks and mixology. Cool barber shop in front, get your haircut in the day, sip cocktails in the back at night.

Coffee and pasties at Fabrique – Small, aromatic bakery and sweets shop in the main shopping centre.

Shopping at Acne Studios – Why not spend all of your holiday money in one stop? Acne Studios can be found throughout Europe, but as they were founded in Stockholm, you have full permission to pick up an €80 hat or a €300 sweater instead of a lame postcard ;)

Shopping at . . . . .I forget the name!! OK, I need to update this one once I’m home and can look at my receipt. I bought a bad ass graphic wall calendar at a beautiful furniture shop. Of all the ah-manazing tSwedish things – coffee, clothes, cuisine – the furniture is best of the best. The girlfriend I was exploring Stockholm with is in the process of furnishing a new house, so we popped in and out of furniture stores, and honestly, OMG. You may have been to Ikea, but you have seen nothing, young grasshopper. I’ll update this one soon!

xo Ali




14 Replies to “A Day in Stockholm”

    1. Helsinki is on the list :) I actually used to confuse pictures of Stockholm and Helsinki because they are both chilly, picturesque cities situated on the Baltic Sea. Is it possible to boat from one to the other?


  1. Lovely photos of Stockholm and I like your thinking that visiting the city gives you a permission to buy a treat from Acne. I adore their clothes too. And yes, you can travel between Helsinki and Stockholm by boat. Viking Line and Silja Line are popular cruise companies. Kristiina x


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