Paris in a Onesie

Let’s talk about something exciting . . . something like Paris.

ParisI’ve been to Paris for work a few times, but never for play. I’m now getting extremely stoked because in a few weeks I’ll be traveling Paris with B for a long, fun weekend! As I’m a super-nuts-o-planner, I’ve spent the evening mapping out the must-dos, researching restaurants, and pinning some lovely Parisian spots – all while wearing my onesie, as you do. Usually I share my travel recommendations following the trip, but this time around, I wanted to share my plans ahead of time, incase you wanted to chime in with any recommendations as well!Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 8.58.52 PMSo first things first – let’s talk location. We’ll be staying right by the Eiffel Tower. ^ ^ This is the view from our flat. The most important thing was to be in the center of it all . . . . to be able to look out the window and think ‘ah, this is Paris!’ I don’t plan on spending much time at the flat, but I’m excited to see the Eiffel Tower twinkle from my bed. I found this place on AirBnb. I’ll be traveling a lot in the next few months with Radisson Blu (as I mentioned here), so I thought it would be cool to switch it up a bit and stay in an apartment this time around. I love the luxuries of hotels – the deep tubs, fuzzy bathrobes, and well tucked sheets. But staying in a French dude’s flat for a weekend is also cool, because you get to pretend to be a local :)

Now on to the second most important thing, food.smukkekagerI’ve been snooping through Timeout, as when I was in Lisbon they gave the absolute best restaurant recommendations. Here are a few food stops I’m contemplating:

1) Pierre Hermé – This stop is non-negotiable. Last time I was in Paris, I stocked up at Ladurée, so this time around I’m going for Hermé. If you’re going to go to Paris, you need to eat macaroons. I’m not just making this up. It’s the law.

2) Angelina – This is another stop I will definitely be making. Rumor has it Angelina has the thickest, most divine hot chocolate in all of Paris. You know I’m a sweets woman, so you know I will be at Angelina!

3) Pizza Chic – This is on the maybe list for lunch. Usually I only need to eat twice a day, especially if one of the meals is hot chocolate and macaroons. But B is a three times a day guy, and I know he’ll be starving by 1pm. So I’ve picked out a few lunch places, and Pizza Chic was top-recommended on Timeout.

4) L’As Du Fallafel – This is another lunch spot I picked out with B in mind, but hell, based on the reviews I may have to try it as well! Supposedly L’As du Fallafel has the best falafel in all of Paris. Going to have to test this theory . . .

5) Le Dauphin – I stumbled across this restaurant a while ago via another blogger, and have been wanting to give it a try. Vibrant and sexy, Le Dauphin is sister restaurant to Le Chateaubriand, which is *supposedly* the one of the best restaurants in the world. Le Dauphin is much more pocket-friendly, and is €23 for Starter+Main or €27 for Starter+Main+Dessert. Downside? It’s quite a hike from our flat.

6) Restaurant Astier – Right next door to Le Dauphin – also a bit of a trek from our flat. BUT Timeout gives it rave reviews, and Astier’s special menu is €45 and comes with a starter, a main, an unlimited cheese platter (!!!!) and desert. I know it’s a ways out, but I just keep thinking, unlimited cheese, unlimited cheese! (photo below).


7) Brasserie Mollard – Mollard is the third option for dinner on Saturday. They’re a bit closer to our accommodation and the interior is rockin’. They have all of the Parisian classics, and you can get the set menu – a first course, main course, and dessert for €33,70.

8) Au Pied de cochon – I’ve already told B we’re going to Au Pied de cochon for dinner on Friday night. They’re open 24/7, so even though our train doesn’t get in until 9.30pm, we can still have a late, stylish dinner. Hey, we’re only in Paris for two nights! You can get courses for €34.50. Au Pied de cochon are known for their delicious pork, but I’m more of a tartar lady myself. Decisions, decisions!

9) Moisan – One of the most popular bakeries in Paris. Always a line, the tarts are supposedly outstanding. Link here.

Next on the list are things to see – outdoor attractions, parks to walk by, monuments to photograph, bridges, etc.Louvre_at_night_centered1) Parks – On my list are Monceau Park, Tuileries Garden, Luxembourg Gardens, and Parc De Bagatelle. This is a hard one, because loving a park is so subjective. Some people like trees, some people like quiet, and some people like people watching! From what I can see Monceau Park seems to be the most beautiful, and a trip to Luxembourg Gardens is the thing to do. I’ve saved all my park-picks on a map, and I’ll probably make it to whichever just so happens to be nearby at the time.luxembourg-gardens-paris2) Monuments – This list is obvious, but yell at me if I’ve missed anything important! I’m going to make a point of visiting the Eiffel Tower, the Place des Vosges, and the Arc de Triomphe. mostly-paris-6103) Love Lock Bridge – You can’t go to Paris with your partner without locking your love on the bridge. I mean, if you’re in love, and you’re in Paris, this is just the ultimate cliche-cherry on the incredibly delicious cliche-sunday.

Second to last on the list is history. Paris has such a rich and romantic culture, from the Mona Lisa to the Renaissance architecture. On the list I have . . url-11) Orsay Museum – I did some research, as I wasn’t sure if I would have enough time to go to both the Musée d’Orsay and the Louvre. When asked, most people chose the Musée d’Orsay. I was still a bit torn, but then saw that the special exhibit at the Musée d’Orsay is Gustave Doré (1832–1883): Master of Imagination. Sold.

2) The Louvre – Ok, so in the end I couldn’t choose just one. I am going to have to apply my ‘when in Rome’ mentality, and get up at 8am on Sunday to go to the Louvre. I will be there at 9am when the doors open, I will make a B-line for the Mona Lisa. If it gets crowded and overwhelming, I will leave. But you can’t go to Paris without seeing the Mona Lisa. She’s almost as important culturally as Pierre Hermé.

3) Notre Dame Cathedral – The only other history-related attraction I feel like I HAVE to see in Paris is the Notre Dame Cathedral. If we have time, we’ll climb it, if not, I’m happy gazing from the ground :)

Last on my to-do in Paris list is shopping . . . url-2I have a few places picked out, but they’re not the high-street shops as you might expect. Sure, maybe some gals dream of Chanel and Louis Vitton when they envision a trip to Paris. But personally, I’m more excited for thrifting!! Thrifting and books.

1) Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen – This is the biggest flea market in Paris. Hell, it’s the biggest flea market in the world. I’ve heard people say they spent three days at the Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen and they STILL did not manage to see the whole thing. My goal is to come early on Saturday morning, even though it’s by far the furthest attraction from our flat. I’m going to buy junk. Lots and lots of junk. I’m a thrifting lady, and I’m not ashamed. Hence the next spot on the list . . .

2) Vintage stores – There are three or four vintage stores I want to check out in Paris, one of which is a pay by the kilo shop!! Kiloshop, Free’p’n Star, and Rag & Vertiges are all located in the same shopping district, conveniently close to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Love Lock bridge. So I will be dragging B into a few thrifty stores, if only to momentarily satisfy my bargin-hunting-heart.

3) Shakespeare & Company – Also located nearby is Shakespeare & Company, the most famous bookstore in Paris – a book-worm’s dream. This is the kind of place you buy a book, just to say you bought a book. And then you treasure that book and pass it down to your kids and say, hey, this book is from Shakespeare & Company in Paris. Yes, I want to be able to say that!

If I’ve missed anything, please let me know!! I want to hear your Paris favorites and top recommendations :)

Now, maybe you’re wondering why the title of this post mentions Paris and a onesie . . .

I’m not feeling very well tonight, which is fine. I’m happy snuggled in bed drinking hot cocoa, surfing the web and mindlessly absorbing the internet. Any other night this might be considered boring, but not tonight. Tonight I have something special. Tonight, I’m wearing a brand new onesie.IMG_0274My dork level has risen about 10% thanks to this new wardrobe piece. I’d had my eye on the jumpsuits at OnePiece for a while, and was totally working up the courage to spend €2oo on a pair of pajamas. The running dialogue in my head went something like this . . . You’ll have this jumpsuit for the rest of your life. You can wear it all winter. You’ll never need to buy another pair of pajams ever again. You’re alway cold. It will be totally worth it. I was very close to turning my online shopping basket into a reality. But then, at lunch time on Friday, I was walking down the Albert Cuyp Market and I came across a onesie blowout sale! Off all the things . .output_8wmCZzThis soft grey onesie was on sale for only €10! I used to avoid buying clothes from the Albert Cuyp Market. All of the shops and stalls just feel a bit synthetic. But then, just before Christmas, I found some lovely, handmade Italian leather purses. They would have been beautiful Christmas gifts, but as they were only €15 I was worried they were a bit cheap or fake. I didn’t buy them. About a month later, I saw the exact same purses for sale on the nine-streets, going for €85!! So I’m learning to go with my gut when it comes to the Albret Cuyp Market, as many retailers shop with the same vendors and then just package and price items differently. The second my hand grazed the inside of this onesie, I knew I’d found something special. It was soft and felt-like, and incredibly plush. It also had a hood and pockets – score! So not only do I look stylin’, I was able to do so on the cheap, and I’m super comfy to boot!

Anyways, that’s enough about my onesie. It’s getting late and I’m off to bed. Paris dreaming time. . .

xo Ali

*FYI – Although I take most of the photos on Pressed Words, the lovely Paris photos in this post are not mine. I’ll report back soon enough with some of my own. In the meantime, hats off to these lovely Parisian photographers!

24 Replies to “Paris in a Onesie”

  1. Just writing to say I love your blog and I definitely recommend the Musee D’Orsay! Also I went to Amsterdam this summer and got some bargains at Albert Cuyp Markt! I’ve also recently discovered a love of onesies, so comfy! Enjoy your time in Paris! It sounds like you’re going to be really busy there!


    1. Thank you very much!! Love that you’ve been to both the Musee d’Orsay and the Albery Cuyp Market – two very different cultural experiences to say the least! I’ll definitely check out the Musee d’Orsay when in Paris, and am glad to have found another onesie addict :)


  2. I went to Paris in 1990 after graduating high school. I could have stayed in the Louvre all day looking at the amazing paintings but we had to leave and not to burst your bubble but the Mona Lisa was a bit…disappointing. heh. You may have another experience with seeing her though. Notre Dame was fantastic! Do the stair climb up to the ramparts, it’s an ordeal but worth it to say now that I climbed Notre Dame. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is a must and the fountains leading up to it. Those are the three major things we did on our short trip and I just want to go back to see and experience more and as an adult.

    Looking forward to reading about your time in Paris.


    1. What an awesome trip to do after high school. Some places you want to go again and again – someday when I have kids I know I’ll be back to Paris for a family trip ;) I wish I had been able to see Europe as a teen! Multiple people have said climbing the Notre Dame is a must – so I’ll put that on the list as well :) X


    1. Thank you very much – and surprisingly – B does not love Paris (what?!?!) I’m practically dragging him along. But I think I have enough enthusiasm for the both of us – and I think the multiple food stops / restaurants I have picked out may have almosssttt convinced him it’s not all bad ;)


  3. I have SO many recommendations. I lived in Paris for a year so if you have any other questions, you can email me. :) Here is my complete list of 50 things to eat in Paris before you die:

    1. Don’t go to Angelina. It’s super touristy, overpriced and horrible service. Their hot chocolate has gone downhill. You have to go to Jacques Genin for the best thick hot chocolate and also indulge in their caramels (the mango passion one is my fave).
    2. Ice cream macarons at Martine Lambert are to die for. I like the vanilla ones best.
    3. Éclairs at L’éclair de Génie are so delicious.

    In terms of monuments, I would also add visiting the gardens at the Rodin Musuem. It’s only 1 Euro is and it’s one of my favorite spots in Paris and it’s full of Rodin’s sculptures. You also have to check out the Musée de L’Orangerie because Monet’s water lily paintings are absolutely breath-taking and they built that museum specifically for his artwork.

    Have fun!!!!


    1. AMAZING, thank you this is just what I was hoping for!!

      OK so Angelina is out (I’m really trusting you here, as the photos online look divine!) and Jacques Genin is in :) And L’éclair de Génie and Martine Lambert are now on the list for sweets – maybe a good spot to stop to pick some goodies up for the office? I’ll also be sure to check out the gardens at the Rodin Musuem – love this insider tip and you really can’t beat €1 admission.

      Thank you!! :)


  4. I Loooooove Shakespeare and Co!!!! Gosh I am so so jealous right now!!! There is also a little boutique jewellery shop around that area and the jewellery is hand made one of a kind!!! It is also inexpensive!! I went there with an ex and have the most original beautiful ring to remind me of my trip to Paris!!! Have a blast can’t wait to see the pics!!


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