Summer is Here

It’s currently 75° and sunny in Amsterdam. Boats are cruising the canals, the parks are swamped with blankets, beats, and urban dwellers, and everyone seems . . . happy!  The sunshine will do that to people I guess :)  

B and I have been taking full advantage of this lovely weather. On Friday night we went on a two hour walk after work, yesterday we had brunch outside with friends and then laid in the park, and today we are going on a long bike ride. I don’t have a full-on awesome post for you, but here are two photographs I took on Friday night. B has a new iPhone 5 and I’m in love with the picture quality! I’m actually considering selling my Lumix and just upgrading to an iPhone 5. But anyways, I digress! Here are some sunny snaps, and I hope your weekend (sunshine or not) has also been a good one!

Amstel Sunshine Amsterdam

Amstel Bridge Amsterdamxo Ali

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