Brunch at Drover’s Dog, Amsterdam

Two weekends ago, B and I had breakfast at Drover’s Dog with our friends Tom and Melissa. Typically, B and I stay in de Pijp when we brunch. Stellar spots such as Little Collins, Bakers & Roasters, and Trust are all within a 2 minute walk from our flat. But as these places are located in de Pijp, they’re usually packed on the weekends, and good luck getting a table at prime brunching time, never-mind in the sun, without a wait. So we decided to be crazy and try a new spot outside of de Pijp, and Drover’s Dog came highly recommended.

Mint Tea

We hit up their restaurant on the Heemstedestraat in the Old South, as Tom and Melissa live nearby. However, they have a second location in the East that’s a bit closer to the city center and de Pijp (for next time, perhaps). As Drover’s Dog take reservations (alleluia!) there was no waiting, and we were shown right to our sunny table outside.

Ali at Drover's DogTheir menu is brunch based – among other things, you can get eggs, french toast, wraps, salad, or a burger. They also have divine smoothies and milkshakes. Try the strawberry, it’s a sweet sip of heaven.IMG_0456When it came time to order, we all veered towards the lunch-side of brunch. Melissa got a wrap, B got a beasty meat-burger, and both Tom and I went for the veggie burger. IMG_0435The meals were HUGE and delicious, served with a paper bag of crispy steak-cut fries.IMG_0437The vegetable burger was sized for a king, colored ruby red by one of my favorite veggies, beets! It was served with a cool yogurt sauce, and with a side of delicious tomato chutney, the meal was complete.
IMG_0439Although we sat outside to enjoy the sun, the inside of Drover’s Dog was quaint and comfortable, and would make a lovely brunching backdrop.IMG_0446While inside, Melissa and I decided to check out the desserts. A large, clear glass case is stacked high with fresh pastries and sweet goodies at the register. We sampled some homemade rocky road (and brought some back to share with the guys, below) before ordering another shake and some pavlova! 
IMG_0452 IMG_0454The meal was fantastic, and Drover’s Dog now has a firm spot on my top-five favorite brunch spots in Amsterdam. You can check out their website here. They have two locations, details for their local in the East are as follows: Eerste Atjehstraat 62, Amsterdam Oost 020-3703784 and info for their location in the Old South is here: Heemstedestraat 25, A’dam Oud-Zuid 020-6692233. Enjoy!

xo Ali

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