3 Replies to “3am Thoughts”

  1. I have been reading your blog for a long time now and I wanted to finally say ‘Thank you’. You have inspired me. I can’t count the number of occasions when you have blogged about something and radiated your appreciation and love for it: be it food, places, family etc. Reading your blog made me try and view my own life in the same a way and look for beauty all around me. As a result I started my own blog a while back. I lead a very different life to you (don’t live in a glamorous city, don’t travel nearly as much, have different interests), but I love your appreciation for what is in your life and I have felt touched by your blog on many occasions. I am sorry to hear of the pain you going through, and hope you will find a way through. Judging by what I have read I have no doubt you will and that you will find beauty along the way.


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