The IJ-Hallen Market, Amsterdam

When you live in a studio apartment, you can’t be precious with your junk. Wares that gather holes, duplicates, or a bit too much love need to be recycled. And if you don’t have the heart to chuck your goods in the bin, renting a stall at the the IJ-Hallen Marketis is the next best thing.

P1030993The IJ-Hallen market is massive – it’s contained in two huge warehouses, and if the weather is nice, it overflows outside.P1040004The market typically takes place towards the end of each month, and runs on both Saturday and Sunday. It’s located in Amsterdam Noord, and can be easily accessed by the free NDSM-werf ferry that runs from behind Central Station. It is a 5 minute walk from the ferry stop to the market.P1030992At the market, you can find an array of old junk and fancy vintage finds. Some sellers (like myself, on this occasion) are just trying to clear their house of old crap and are willing to part with their goods for cheap. Others, are special collectors or art dealers, who rent stalls at the market each month, displaying their rare finds at a steep cost.P1030999On this particular day the market was slow, and I barely made back enough money to cover the cost of the stall! But, I had a blast bartering with Dutchies, watching people rummage through my old things as if they were new, and doing a bit of cheeky shopping myself :)
P1030996I highly recommend a trip to the IJ-Hallen market if you’re into vintage finds, knick-knacks, or people watching. Yard sales are not permitted in Holland (except on King’s Day), so the IJ-Hallen is the best place to find lots of recycled treasures. You can find more on how to get to the IJ-Hallen here. Happy shopping! x

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