My Summer Bucket List

Have I mentioned that I’m a list freak? One of the reasons I’m an excellent Account Manager is because I’m addicted to lists. I list groceries, things I want to achieve over the weekend, chores to be done in the house, tasks I need to accomplish during the work day, deadlines, teams, dates, blog ideas, priorities . . . the list goes on ;) When Ben called off our wedding, the first thing I did was start a new list. It didn’t have a title, and I couldn’t really categorize the contents – it was a pool of thoughts and dreams and things I wanted to accomplish as new, single Ali. Make my coffee table into a fabric-covered ottoman. Drive a car through southern Italy. Swim in a tropical ocean. Perfect the drip brew. Sell my Lumix camera. Learn about the universe. Pull out my sewing machine. Ride a roller coaster. Camp and bike. Every day I look at this list, and I add to it. I might not be embracing a future with Ben, but there’s so much more in life I am looking forward to holding.

I am also employing the power of list-therapy to get through my US holiday. I was looking forward to bridal showers, dress fittings, and rehearsal dinners. I’ve spent the last two years of my life planning a wedding, and suddenly all of the lists, all of the dreams are gone. So instead I am making a new, epic summer list. I am re-focusing my expectations and setting new dreams into motion. As tomorrow is the first day of summer, I thought I would share my list with you. Perhaps you will find some inspiration here on as well :)

Eat a fresh Maine lobster and corn on the cob.

Indulge in some Nanna cookies.

Have at least three solid beach days.

Go outlet shopping. Spend way too much at Kate Spade.

Play arcade games, including three rounds of Skee Ball.

Go to yard sales. Buy junk.

See a late night movie with my mom. Eat popcorn in the movie theater air-conditioning.

Go to the drive-in movies.

Drink at least ten Dunkin’ Donuts iced coffees. All larges.

Read trashy romance novels.

Go for beach rides in my Dad’s classic Firebird.

Sleep in.

Go to a Red Sox game.

Eat dumplings in Boston.

Spend a night at my Grandparent’s house on the lake.

Lay in a hammock.

Get my hair cut and colored.

Go hiking.

Eat marshmallows, smell like campfire.

Spend time with my sisters.

Go fishing with my Dad.

Take copious amounts of photographs.

Spend an afternoon antiquing.

Go to Salvation Army on half-price day. Spend $30 on a whole new summer wardrobe.

Go to an open air concert at LL Bean.

Drink cocktails in Portland.

Drink cocktails in Boston.

Enjoy sunset boat rides at my Grandparent’s house.

Eat red hotdogs.

Eat buckets of fresh Maine blueberries.

Marvel at fireworks. Light sparklers.

Explore a new, quaint Maine town.


And here’s to summer! Xx Ali


6 Replies to “My Summer Bucket List”

  1. Sounds like you have an exciting and busy summer ahead of you. Please post a status update at the end of the summer to let us know how you get on…with additional bonus activities too of course!


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