Beach Days

When I go home, I return to the sea. My mom taught me to love the ocean, and as a kid we spent our summers on the beach, splashing in the waves and slowly turning golden.IMG_0849When I’m at the sea, I feel free. I don’t feel alone. I feel like I’m connected to something, even though I don’t exactly know what it is.

My first morning home was peaceful, because the day started at 5am. Thank you jet lag. I sat downstairs at the kitchen table for two hours, drinking tea and reading magazines. Two editions of Bon Appétit and one thorough reading of People later, my Dad emerged and asked if I wanted to go for a walk on the beach. Yes! He routinely walks from our quaint beach in Scarborough to a neighboring beach in Old Orchard – a healthy 5-mile round-trip trek. Happy to have some company and a destination at 7am, I threw on a baseball cap, grabbed a big over-sized sweatshirt, and hopped into my Dad’s pick-up truck.
IMG_0855IMG_0857My Dad and I had a lot of catching up to do. We are both into music, so we shared new favorites and discussed our summer concert line-up. He told me about his new job and his healthy lifestyle, and I told him all about ridding my bike around Amsterdam, the steep, steep stairs at my apartment, and my recent shoot in London.IMG_0862Before we knew it, we had arrived at the pier in Old Orchard. IMG_0864Typically I avoid Old Orchard Beach (or OOB, if you will) in the summer, as it’s touristy and packed with French Canadians. Don’t get me wrong – I work at a French Canadian company and have spent a lot of time in Montreal, but when the French Canadians come to Maine for holiday, they wear the SMALLEST SPEEDOS EVER. And I just don’t want to see that. However, strolling under the pier at the crack of dawn is actually quite dreamy, as it’s quiet and the tourists have not descended from their ocean-front motels. IMG_0871The only thing nicer than a morning at the beach, is a morning at the beach all to yourself.IMG_0866And having a Dad around is just such a nice bonus :)IMG_0869After the long beach walk, my Dad and I returned home. He needed to start his work day, and I had plans as well! I ran up our old wooden stairs and pounced on my little sister in bed.

Wake up, wake up, wake up!!

The beach had been so beautiful, warm, and balmy that morning, I didn’t want to waste another minute inside. So my sister and I packed our towels, threw on our suits, and headed straight back to the sea for a day of lounging!IMG_0875Little J is going through a break-up too, so we talked about boys and life and positivity. She’s a smart girl with a good head on her shoulders, and I love spending time with such a strong, confident woman.IMG_0884IMG_0891IMG_0892It really was the most brilliant beach day. Since, the weather has gotten hotter and more muggy. But last Friday was perfect. The sun was out, and there were small clouds in the sky that burnt out as they slowly floated over the ocean. The horizon was clear and the air was warm.IMG_0898Part of life is knowing how to be happy, even when you’re feeling blue. And in the summertime, ocean air and salty hair are pure. bliss.

IMG_0902I finished the day as it had begun – by the sea. Some girlfriends, their guys, and I went to J’s Oyster for dinner. J’s is a small restaurant situated on the harbor in Portland. It’s tucked away, and chances are you would not accidentally stumble upon it. But thankfully I have some insightful friends, who recommended J’s small seaside patio and their fresh buckets of oysters – the makings for an authentic Friday night in Maine :)IMG_0904IMG_0914If you stop by J’s, I highly recommend their lobster chowder. It was literally a thick bowl of lobster meat, swimming in a buttery sea of deliciousness. And I’m not doing it justice. It was fantastic – you need to try it!IMG_0917We watched the sun set from the patio, and I got pooped on by a seagull. I’m not even kidding, it was all very romantic. About ten minutes after the pooping occurred, the same seagull swooped down and darted across the parking lot, and flew smack into a car antenna. We burst out laughing – I really love my friends – and karma!!IMG_0908

xo Ali

10 Replies to “Beach Days”

  1. Your Maine posts always make me miss home. Such beautiful pictures of some of my favorite places! There is something about going back to Maine that feels like the slate is wiped clean–a fresh start. Maybe it’s the family time, the salty air, or the numerous helpings of lobster, but I always feel renewed after a trip home. Enjoy the rest of your stay, and keep sharing those beautiful photos.



    1. Just had a look at your post – brilliant!! You seem to have hit up all the best spots, and Duckfat and Portland Headlight are two of my favorite places in Maine :) Glad you enjoyed your time in Vacationland!


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