Martha’s Vineyard

Last week, my mom and I took a road trip down to Cape Cod, Massachusetts to visit my sister Liz.IMG_1172

IMG_1100The drive from Scarborough to Cape Cod is about 3 hours, which isn’t bad at all if you stop for lunch in Boston, which is a good half-way mark.IMG_1105When you cruise across the old steel-style Bourne Bridge (below), you have officially arrived in Cape Cod. The Bourne Bridge carries Route 28 across the Cape Cod Canal, connecting Cape Cod with the rest of Massachusetts. IMG_1114Technically, Cape Cod is an island, surrounded by water, but it is never really referred to as such. There are numerous towns that stretch out across the Cape, and luckily, my sister lives in Falmouth, one of the first towns along the peninsula. We arrived in Falmouth later in the evening and had a lovely dinner at The Silver Lounge, followed by some shopping and a girly night in at our hotel. Liz even crashed with us, so the next morning we were able to start our day trip to Martha’s Vineyard bright and early. IMG_1146Fueled with iced coffee and dressed in our Tuesday-best, we headed over to the docks to catch a water taxi across to Martha’s Vineyard. We met up with Liz’s boyfriend Ryan, and his friend Tom, who would be joining us on our excursion out to the island.IMG_1179IMG_1172Martha’s Vineyard is an island located just south of Cape Cod. The island is around 100 square miles, and is home to turquoise waters and numerous sandy beaches. There are large, speedy ferries that run to the Vineyard regularly, or, you can be slightly more adventurous and catch a water taxi!IMG_1162We hung out on the docks while we waited for our water taxi to arrive, and watched boats float in and out of the harbor.

IMG_1256IMG_1270output_WrfygKDockers loaded the water taxi, piling the deck high with fresh seafood and parcels for residents living on the island. Then, we were invited to hop on board the boat.
IMG_1289IMG_1288Our cruise out to the Vineyard was bumpy. We sat below deck, where huge waves crashed heavily against the boat’s rickety windows. I don’t get sea sick, but I definitely felt a bit claustrophobic below deck. Thankfully, the ride was short and in 15 minutes we were back on land. Bumpy boat ride aside, I couldn’t help but marvel at the beautiful sea hues. The sublime green and deep blues of the ocean appeared tropical, a sight I am not used to seeing in New England!IMG_1348Without a clear destination in mind, we casually strolled around the island . . . IMG_1331. . . . which looked like a small toy village. The houses were perfect, the lawns were perfect, and the flowers were perfect. The skies were blue, and the little people with their little cars moved in and out like clockwork.IMG_1305
IMG_1338 IMG_1301We make a quick pit-stop in an arcade, so I could fulfill my Skee Ball dreams – remember my summer bucket list?! We all played a few rounds and cashed our tickets in for Toosie Rolls, a long-lasting family tradition! Did you know that Tootsie Rolls were originally invented as a non-melting alternative to chocolate? Ideal for hot arcades in the summertime.
IMG_1323After our Tootsie Roll feast, we headed to the waterfront for some real lunch. We decided on the Lookout Tavern, which had beautiful sea vistas and a huge menu. IMG_1339IMG_1340We started with a big tray of icy oysters, followed by some unique and delicious mains. I went for the famous lobster taco and a battered cod taco (below), Liz got rare tuna tacos, and Ryan got Mahi Mahi tacos.IMG_1346Tom went for the craziest menu item of all and got a peanut butter and bacon burger, which he claims was surprisingly delicious!IMG_1343Afterwards we were all stuffed, and headed to the pier for some relax time.IMG_1362IMG_1361IMG_1359We checked the water taxi return time, and still had another hour, so we all walked down to the beach.IMG_1367IMG_1374IMG_1384IMG_1377IMG_1391IMG_1381IMG_1395We watched the sail boats race by and stuck our toes in the water, lamenting leaving our suits at home!IMG_1387IMG_1400The water taxi ride back was much smoother. We sat above deck, so despite getting wind-whipped and sprayed by the salty ocean, we were free in the breeze and not getting battered around by waves down below!
IMG_1413IMG_1410IMG_1408IMG_1416We returned to the pier and our last stop of the day was for ice cream!IMG_1419IMG_1428Almond Joy ice cream, anyone? :)IMG_1426

Have you ever been to Cape Cod? Any recommendations for our next trip down?

xo Ali


8 Replies to “Martha’s Vineyard”

    1. you’re welcome :) and I’ve always wondered too! consensus is it pretty much looks like the rest of the cape, but with much more shallow and turquoise water! I definitely want to go back :)


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