Rock Climbing in Amsterdam

Let’s take a break from our regularly scheduled program (US holiday photos) and catch up on something cool I did this past week with colleagues – rock climbing!! Our Account Management team is comprised of six amazingly sassy-smart ladies, and although we often grab after work drinks or long Friday lunches, we’ve never really done anything with a team-building angle. However, recently one of the gals mentioned rock climbing, and we were all keen to try it out. Rock climbing takes physical and mental strength, not to mention problem solving and a good dose of teamwork.IMG_2405

Come to find out there are a handful of really great places to go rock climbing in Amsterdam . . . . 

Here are a few good rock climbing spots in Amsterdam to try out:

Monk Bouldergym Amsterdam
Aambeeldstraat 26
020 737 0598

Mountain Network
Erasmusgracht 297
1061 MD Amsterdam
+31 88 123 6835

Klimhal Amsterdam
Naritaweg 48
1043 BZ Amsterdam

USC Universum
Science Park 306
1098XH Amsterdam
020 525 8955

and last but not least, we went to . . .

De Klimmuur
Dijksgracht 2
1019 BS Amsterdam
+31 20 427 5777

IMG_2376De Klimmuur is beautiful – light pours into the space and bright colors pop on the walls all around. IMG_2377Overall we were a fairly inexperienced group, none of us having been more than a handful of times. I went rock climbing once when I was 10 years old – my family was vacationing in New Hampshire, and instead of taking the monorail up into the White Mountains with the rest of the gang, I asked if I could stay at the activity center at the base of the mountain and go rock climbing instead. My parent’s said ‘ok’ and so I geared up and took off. There were no instructions, only a trained spotter and a tight harness that I was quickly strapped into. I got half way up the wall, looked down, and froze. I then spent about 45 minutes slowly climbing down, too scared to let go and effortlessly float to the ground.IMG_2399That’s the thing I love about rock climbing. I do not find it to be a physical challenge. I exercise 3-4 times a week and ride my bike a few miles every day, so physically I’m in great shape. IMG_2398It’s the heights, the potential fall, the harness, and and the elements of blind trust that freak me out. Your partner is responsible for holding you in the air. . . . IMG_2394 . . . and a rope is responsible for handling all of your weight. So while it’s a physical sport for some, rock climbing is a mental activity for others. And a sport of great teamwork for all!IMG_2392IMG_2401We had a quick training lesson at the start of our adventure, and then hit the walls on our own. De Klimmuur stays open late, so we were able to have an after work lesson, and then climb for another hour or two. I believe we were there until about 10.30pm on a weeknight, so the hours are very generous for those who are looking to climb after hours.IMG_2390IMG_2397There’s actually a bar at De Klimmuur, which I find quite funny. Can you imagine a bar at your local gym or lap pool? This totally wouldn’t fly in the USA!
IMG_2386We all took a few turns scrambling to the top of the rock wall, and then headed over to Hannekes Boom afterwards for a few drinks and some nibbles by the water.IMG_2409It was a really great experience with some really great ladies. We’re planning on doing more active outings as the summer goes on, so I’ll share more Account Management adventures as the summer progresses!
xo Ali

11 Replies to “Rock Climbing in Amsterdam”

  1. Hi Ali, if you don’t find rock climbing difficult, you’re probably not challenging yourself hard enough (: Try the 7b, 7c and 8a route. That should give you a great challenge!


    1. :) thank you for the tip. I do find it hard, but it’s more of a mental challenge for me. I fear falling and letting go, and trusting someone else to hold my weight! The day after, my toes were the only sore part of my body, from the silly shoes!! I’ll give a 7c route a shot next time!


    1. they have a really cool room I just noticed as we were leaving – the whole floor is thick and padded, and you can climb about double your height without a rope, and then just let go and fall onto the big mat when done. it looked like a really fun room for beginners!!


  2. I think this would be a huge mental challenge for me, as the older I have become the more scared I seem to be of heights… I doubt I’d ever be confident enough to do it on a real rock but it sounds like a really nice thing to do with work colleagues/friends – good on you! xx


    1. I wonder why people are scared of heights?! about half of the girls were, including myself!! it seems pretty common – I guess rock climbing is a good way to face the fear since you’re strapped in to a harness :)


  3. I’ve been doing a lot of climbing (bouldering) recently too as part of Tough Mudder training – been getting quite into it!


    1. ohh no way! I was actually wondering if the people there go climbing on actual rock walls outdoors . . . or if they were just climbing at the wall for fun. Are there Touch Mudder events in Leeds? I always think those kind of obstacle courses look so much more fun than just running. x


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