Bloemendaal aan Zee

You live in Amsterdam. It’s summertime, the weather is beautiful, and you want to sip wine on the beach. But there are no beaches in the city, or at least the kind you’re used to . . . where the sand is soft and silky white, and the horizon line is endless. Luckily, you have a smart friend. She suggests a ride to the beach (because she’s awesome and has a car). . . . and even though it’s Wednesday night, you say ‘why not!’ By 6.30pm you’re at the ocean, with almost four full hours of sunshine left to go. Welcome to my hump day at Bloemendaal!DSCF0304Bloemendaal aan Zee is a 20 minute car ride from Amsterdam.


The beach has a cute boardwalk lined with restaurants and clubs. So you can drink prosecco and watch the sun set over the sea, or come up for a refreshing snack on a long beach day.DSCF0341Melissa and I selected a restaurant for dinner, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name (bad blogger). DSCF0335It was right next to Woodstock, but to be honest, all of the restaurants along the boardwalk were quite homogenous, with the same outdoor vibe, menu selection, and price range. DSCF0337So we scouted out a spot solely based on the view, and sat down to enjoy some refreshments!DSCF0292DSCF0304DSCF0306DSCF0312DSCF0319DSCF0316We ordered a light dinner. Melissa got the carpaccio and I went for the smoked mackerel salad. Both were very Dutch and topped with a checkerboard of mayonnaise. DSCF0326DSCF0328They were also both delicious!DSCF0334We watched the sun set from the deck, and once the last little slither of sunlight disappeared, we went for a walk on the beach.DSCF0342We passed a groovy party at Woodstock, and then made a friend in the sand.DSCF0352DSCF0347DSCF0357Overall it was a fantastic evening on the beach – one I am not accustomed to in Holland!!DSCF0359I’m going to try and cram in one or two more beach days this summer. I love the ocean, and sometimes get distracted by city life in Amsterdam, forgetting there is an ocean so close by!

If you want to go to Bloemendaal aan Zee from Amsterdam, here are some handy directions:

From Amsterdam Centraal Station, take the train to Haarlem – trains run ever 10 to 15 minutes. The journey only takes 15 minutes. A same-day round-trip journey will cost you about € 6.50.
At Haarlem, take the exit that leads towards the center, and then walk diagonally to your right toward the bus terminal. Look for Bus 81, direction Zandvoort. If you’re making the trip int he summer, your bound to bump into others in suits and shorts heading for the beach as well!Get off at the Bloemendaal Strand stop. This is the 15th stop from Haarlem.And enjoy!xo Ali


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