Swimming at Brediusbad, Amsterdam

I’ve been in Amsterdam for four years, and one of the biggest drawbacks to this city is the weather. As a New England gal, I’m used to technicolor falls, heat-wave summers, muddy springs, and snowy, romantic winters. Amsterdam is pretty neutral all year long. The winter is cool and the summer is warm, but everything is numb in comparison to the States. In Holland you rarely sweat, freeze, or experience any brilliant life or death in between.

But this summer has been a game-changer. I’ve been in Holland for four years, and this is the first summer where I’ve thought, wow, I could live here for the rest of my life. I’ve been commuting across town for work all summer, and have only been rained on once. That’s a far cry from my first summer in Amsterdam, when it rained for more than 50 days straight. The past two summers have also been kind of meh, with sunny spots here and there, but a coat and an umbrella were always obligatory when leaving the house. But this summer, wow. This summer has been a stunner.

We have had multiple heat waves, with the temperature consistently in the mid-70’s. Not to mention lots and lots of sunshine. Sunshine in Amsterdam is pure bliss. Folks gather outside for drinks, they cruise along the canals in their boats, they take residence in the parks, bike to the beach, and sometimes even chill out at the pool.

IMG_2412I’ve never expected to find such a beautiful outdoor pool in this city . . . 

But apparently Amsterdam is equipped for gorgeous summers, even if they are far and in between!

Last weekend, while trying to avoid melting like a popsicle, a girlfriend kindly introduced me to Brediusbad, which is located just north of Westerpark at Spaarndammerdijk 306.

Brediusbad has a large outdoor park area, with trees and lawns, and three huge pools. Two are for kids – one for the super little-littles, and a second for slightly older kiddos who want to paddle around with floaties. Pool number three is for the grown-ups. It’s big, deep, cool, and dark blue . . . . pretty much everything you would expect of a large outdoor pool!

IMG_2416On Saturday the pool opens at noon. We arrived around 1.30pm and the line was quite long, but it went quickly and in 15 minutes we were floating in a large, heavenly body of water. If you make a trip to Brediusbad, bring a towel, some snacks, and some coins for the lockers. They have a changing room with showers, and a locker room where you can safely stow away your personal items. Most people alternate between laying on the lawn and swimming in the pool – there are plenty of shaded areas as well. There is also a snack bar that has small bites, beer, and soda, incase you need a bottle of water or some swimming fuel.

IMG_2414If you’re interested in a visit to Brediusbad, you can access the pool on Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 18:30 pm, and Saturday – Sunday 12:00 to 18:30 pm. Note that the ticket office closes at 17.30, so that’s your final cutoff to get in for a swim. Entrance to the pool for adults is € 3.85, and if you have any questions, you can give them a ring at: +31 20 684 6984

Happy swimming :)

xo Ali

7 Replies to “Swimming at Brediusbad, Amsterdam”

  1. The Brediusbad is an outdoor swimming pool located in a green area next to the WestCord Art Hotel in Amsterdam’s Spaarndammerbuurt neighbourhood. I have been in Holland many times!


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