Morning Gloryville, Amsterdam

Morning Gloryville is the coolest thing to happen to breakfast since sliced bread.

IMG_2421 When a friend first told me about the concept, I was a bit skeptical. I’m not a morning lady and often hit the snooze button (three, four, five times) every day. I therefore had no interest in rising at the ungodly hour of 6.30am to dance at a chem-free rave. But then I saw that there were free hugs at Morning Gloryville . . . 


. . . and that was a game-changer, because if there’s one thing I love, it’s a good (free) hug. There’s also free yoga at Morning Gloryville, and free massages. And I haven’t even told you about the great coffee, superfood breakfast, and crazy-cool DJ line-up . . . but I bet you’re already sold ;)

IMG_2431Morning Gloryville is a monthly event here in Amsterdam, so even though you may have missed the last installment, it’s not to late to join in on the fun. The next party will take place on Wednesday, August 27th between the hours of 6.30am and 10.30am. You can check out the venue details and ticket pricing on their event page here.Ali DancingThe mood at Morning Gloryville is high-energy and fun. There are bright colors, buckets of glitter, and free props that give everyone a playful and eclectic look. Most ravers wear comfortable clothes – spandex, sneakers, crop tops, and long maxi dresses – so that their morning booty-shake is also their daily workout. I snagged the above photo from the official event page – you can check out more snaps of the early morning party here.Glitter FaceThis last photo is post-rave, once I arrived at work. I felt bad taking my beautiful glitter off right after it had been skillfully applied, so I decided to rock it in the office. I work at a creative agency, after all ;)

If you’re interested in joining in at Morning Gloryville, I just might see you there! You can find the next event poster here – Morning Gloryville Rave your way #3.

xo Ali

8 Replies to “Morning Gloryville, Amsterdam”

    1. Amsterdam does have so much to offer, I’m always so impressed with the groovy experiential parties and such. You really should try to come!! Sitting around at the consulate is always 10x more fun if you have a smoothie in hand ;)


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