Ferry Beach, Maine

Summer is coming to an end. I had hopped that we would get a surprise August heat wave. But no, it’s been raining almost every day here in Amsterdam, and I can confirm that it is definitely now jacket weather. My feet feel chilly on the wood floor in the morning. I’ve busted out my fall clothes. And I’ve been drinking warm tea again – a sure indication that winter is coming soon. Despite the shift in season, I still have still have a few more Maine holiday posts to share. In fact, I’ve had such an active and fun summer, I have a LOT of photos I want to get up on the blog over the next few weeks. A back-log of happy memories and fading summer glory. Today, I wanted to show you the beach.

IMG_1936I am really lamenting this scene. Deep blue Maine sea hues, adorable fishing boats, and sunny blue skies . . . IMG_1962When I’m in Scarborough with my family, we usually spend time at Pint Point beach. There are long stretches of sand, steep dunes, and luxuriant beach houses. But on my last week in Maine, we decided to hit up Ferry beach, which is more rustic and less populated with tourists. IMG_1956There are large rocks to explore, a swirling tide that races in and our of the marsh, and adorable little sea critters that scurry around in the sand.IMG_1950 IMG_1959IMG_1945IMG_1943I’m currently sitting at Schiphol airport, waiting for a flight to London. While I love seeing friends and awesome city escapes, I can’t help but lust after these gorgeous sea hues.
IMG_1953I want to go back to the beach, dig my toes in the sand, and stay firmly planted there until the last drop of Maine summer is gone.IMG_1938Instead I’m just good old fashioned chillin’ in Holland, where summer is again ages away.

. . . and this is when my fingers begin clicking, searching on Expedia, for a warm weather travel deal!!

xo Ali

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