A Day in Dublin

Last week I went to Dublin for a research project. We are working with an Irish brand, and were tasked to dig into the culture, uncovering points of pride, Irish characteristics, and unique insights that could only be gathered locally. So on Wednesday morning, a colleague and I left for the airport bright and early, with a long list of hypothesis to verify and a short amount of time to do so. I had a sneaky, personal Irish bucket list as well. Thankfully, it could be accomplished in one sitting, and read something like . . . . IMG_2687. . . . bacon, eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms, beans, sausage, Irish breakfast tea, and a rainbow of puddings.

Speaking of rainbows, on our way to the airport in Amsterdam, there was a faint rainbow in the sky. I absolutely hate airplanes, so I took this as a good omen and considered myself blessed with some pre-Irish luck.
RaonbowUpon arriving in Dublin, we checked into our hotel. By coincidence we were staying at the Radisson Blu (they’re actually a sponsor of Pressed Words), so I took a few snaps to show you my jazzy business room.IMG_2648My favorite part was the tub, and I’ll tell you a little secret . . . on Wednesday night we got in late but I NEEDED to use this tub. So I stayed up soaking until 2am . . . . despite having to leave for the airport only two hours later, at 4am. YOLO!IMG_2655Ohh, ‘hi’ from Dublin :)IMG_2671After dropping our bags at the hotel, Varia (my trusty Strategist side-kick) and I hit the streets to chat with some Irish folk. We walked towards Temple Bar, since this area guarantees lots of foot traffic. We spent the afternoon weaving in and out of shops and pubs, chatting with clerks, pedestrians, and bartenders along the way. We then stopped at O’Neill’s for lunch.IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2696The walls of the pub were a dark mahogany, lined with leather benches and cliché pub art.IMG_2676IMG_2680We both ordered a full Irish breakfast, and dug into the local culture, fork first!IMG_2687Irish BreakfastIMG_2693Stuffed with sausage and black pudding, we said goodbye to O’Neill’s and hit the streets once again.
IMG_2698 IMG_2701 IMG_2702 IMG_2708I used to have a boyfriend who lived in Ireland, so I’ve been to Dublin quite a few times . . . back in the day when a Ryan Air flight from Leeds to Dublin was only €10! My previous impression of the city still stands – it’s a hodgepodge of architecture, featuring old, new, colorful, dark, and dreary facades. It reminds me of Boston in that the city doesn’t seem planned, and the locals love their pints!IMG_2712IMG_2719 IMG_2709We resisted a stop at the appetizing Hairy Lemon . . . IMG_2722IMG_2734 IMG_2714. . . and instead walked towards the James Joyce statue. Along the way we stopped for a pint of Guinness and some bar snacks, and made friends with a delightful barmaid who kept calling me ‘pet’ in an adorable Irish accent (she actually called me ‘pet’ three or four times before I could decode what she was saying!!)IMG_2738 IMG_2742 IMG_2743 IMG_2748We really lucked out in that the skies were blue, and it was a great day to roam the city. If it had been raining, it would have been difficult to make friends or start conversations on the street, but as the sun was shining, the masses were out in full force.IMG_2745IMG_2752IMG_2755 Towards the end of the day, Varia ducked into a small art shop to pick up a souvenir. Not being one for postcards or keychains, I popped into a vintage clothing shop, Eager Beaver, right next door. The racks were filled with gently warn Lacoste sweaters, Burberry jackets, and funky tie-dye T’s. I began sifting through miles of vintage glory, when suddenly, something red across the room caught my eye. I walked over – no, it couldn’t be. Sitting there on the shelf, proudly displaying a ‘new’ tag, was a stunning pair of Christian Louboutins. They were the exact style I had always coveted, and as I slid one shoe gingerly onto my foot, I realized they were also exactly my size. After some cheeky googling (I was convinced they HAD to be fake, because this was too good to be true) and a long chat with the store clerk, I bought my first ever pair of Louboutins.photo (2)We had a small focus group planned for the evening (really just friends of a friend who had agreed to meet us for a drink), so we met up in a pub and had a super casual evening, chatting about Irish celebrities, hotspots, and perceptions, all whilst sipping Guinness.

IMG_2801And although our plane ride back the next morning was super early, (6am – puke!) it was an absolutely beautiful fligh. We soared between the clouds and watched the sun rise on the horizon. And were at work by 9.30am! Ohh the life of an international commuter ;)

xo Ali


13 Replies to “A Day in Dublin”

  1. Excellent photography! Glad your trip was great. Flying is statistically safer than driving – of course driving might be an issue here! Those shoes, wow!!


    1. Ugh, I remind myself of that stat every time I am in the air, but during takeoff and any turbulence I turn into a pile of anxious goo. It just doesn’t feel natural to be flung around at random in the sky!!


    1. We did! I love cities that have a beautiful river running through :) The Liffey in Dublin, the Thames in London, the Seine in Paris . . . we have the Amstel here in Amsterdam, but it’s not as exciting as the Liffey in Dublin!!


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