Boothbay, Maine

Pressed Words isn’t just my blog, it’s my diary. Sometimes I write for hours, and then publish the post privately. It’s a collection of adventures and thoughts for you, and even deeper notes and memoirs for myself. It’s been an excellent, therapeutic healing tool over the past few months, and I truly believe that in 10 years, when I have 3 kids and am living in some cookie-cutter neighborhood, I will look back at Pressed Words and will feel genuinely thankful that past-Ali took the time to document her travels and young adult adventures. But last night something weird happened, and it made me question whether I should use Pressed Words as a private diary in addition to a public forum. I published a note my Mom had sent to me, as a private post. The title of the post read ‘private’, as all private posts do, but five minutes later my mom sent me a text asking why the heck I had shared her e-mail on my blog. I looked, and it was still marked as private, but apparently a glitch had occurred and all of my e-mail followers were sent the private blog post. I actually got a few high-five comments from readers today saying how much my mom rocked (no denying, she is amazeballs) but either way, I was confused and annoyed, and definitely questioning my judgement in using Pressed Words as a private journal. The post could have been much, much, much worse, and the last thing I want to do is spam you with annoying Ali-thoughts that don’t make much sense.

I’m telling you this for two reasons. A) I am taking the leap and am going to start journaling with a good old fashioned pen and paper. I have terrible, scribbly handwriting and typing is so much faster (my thoughts tend to race too fast for a pen and paper) but I’m going to give it a shot!! Do any of your journal the old fashion way? Care to share some advice? B) My mom has been on my mind (if you couldn’t tell by the faulty e-mail post!), and this update is for her. She’s a sea-lady and loves the ocean. So even though I’m not posting her super-personal e-mail, I am writing this post for her, as deep sea blues and cyan skies always remind me of my mom :)

Meet Boothbay Maine:IMG_2126Following our trip to the Botanical Gardens, we swung by the harbor for an ice cream and some shopping.IMG_2121 IMG_2134 IMG_2130We strolled along the water, tried on goofy lobster hats, and enjoyed the sunshine.IMG_2148 IMG_2140 IMG_2138 IMG_2154 IMG_2149I’ll keep the words pretty minimal on this one, as these photos are stunning and can do most of the talking. But if you’re ever in Maine and want a true, quaint sea town holiday, Boothbay is for you!IMG_2160 IMG_2157 IMG_2164Wishing you all a fantastic weekend! xo Ali

11 Replies to “Boothbay, Maine”

  1. What a great harbor!! I miss Michigan’s Great Lakes. I did receive that email you mentioned, Ali. I think your mother is a great woman. You are lucky to have her!


  2. I received it too and I think it was a really nice letter. :) I also started a hand written diary and the funny thing that I realized is how I lost the ability to write fluently on a paper. We type so much nowadays that we have to practise handwriting before we forget.


    1. I can imagine it is difficult to train your brain to work at a slower speed. Sometimes I think hand written letters allow us more time to doubt our words, where digitally thoughts and notes can flow much more naturally. Going to treat myself to a nice journal this weekend :)


  3. I was wondering about that post and when the link didn’t work I was hoping you didn’t mean that to be private. WP has done that a couple of times I’ve seen and it sucks. Hope your mom isn’t too upset, it was a wonderful letter, though not meant for the masses.

    I used to journal in a book but like most things I start, I tend to let it fall to the wayside. I have horrible follow through for some reason. Trying to work on that.

    I hope the journal writing is good for you but please don’t shy away from the blog, I love living vicariously through your travels and foodie explorations.


    1. She wasn’t upset, just surprised!! She’s a loving caring lady, and neither of us would want to say or put something on the internet that could be seen as hurtful.

      I like you have started many a journal – blogging seems to be the one form of memory-logging I can commit to regularly. Scrap books, photo albums, journals . . . are all wonderful but always seem so much more time consuming than digitally logging memories.

      And never fear, the blog will not dwindle :) I’m hoping writing in a notebook will actually help inspire the blog more. x


  4. Glitchy as it was, I did love that letter!

    I used to journal the old-fashioned way and really should start it up again, but I did it initially for very similar reasons. I’ve been blogging off and on since my teens, which I’ve always loved. I didn’t publicize it much and was generally not too worried about the content, but a nosy cousin read it–and similar blogs I’ve kept since–and told other people. There were times when some people took issue with some things I had to say. I had a very messy falling out with that cousin, which I’ve mentioned before, but I have reason to believe he still keeps an eye on my blog. Old-fashioned journaling was a way to express myself very, very similarly to blogging but much more privately.

    I did it as a sort of stream-of-counsciousness thing–I’d write about whatever came to mind, good, bad, or random, and I’d fill one page about every night.

    It’s a great practice!


    1. Ohhh, I love the idea of writing whatever comes to mind, with no particular topic or destination in mind. Maybe this is a good place for me to start . . .

      I’ve had similar experiences with blog content walking the line of being personal / offensive / public. It’s too bad you had a falling out with your cousin . . . I think everyone deserves their own piece of the internet, and if it helps build confidence, photography / writing skills, new friendships . . . then sometimes the price of honesty is worth it. Over the past few months, I’ve been digging a bit deeper emotionally when I write, which is something I’ve reserved for private journaling in the past. It takes a lot to put yourself out there and risk offending others, but at the end of the day, if you’re true to yourself and it’s helping you grow, it can be a GREAT experience :)


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