Wow. Has it really been 15 days since my last blog post?! November is flying by, figuratively and literally. I’ve been on more planes this month than I can count on both hands – in the past two weeks alone I’ve been to Prague, Denmark, and Milan. My busy travel schedule means lots of client dinners, late nights in transit, and extra work on top of day time meetings, so I haven’t had much blogging down-time. I also haven’t had a lot of alone time, sleep time, eat healthy time, clean my house time, or binge on Netflix time. Tonight my only plan is to put on pajamas and read in bed until I fall asleep. But before I retire into a puddle of laziness, let me tell you about Prague.

IMG_4506Two weeks ago, a colleague and I hopped on a plane to Prague for the European Planning Conference. The conference was super informative, but also very full-on, and didn’t leave for much time for city-exploration.

We arrived in Prague late on a Tuesday evening, and checked into Hotel Boscolo, where the conference was being held.

IMG_4475As beautiful as the hotel was, I couldn’t help but think the interior looked like something out of a Stephen King novel.
After dropping our bags at the hotel, V and I hit the city to walk around and grab some dinner. Although we didn’t get to see much of Prague in the day time, I have to say, the night views were no consolation prize. IMG_4498The hotel concierge recommended Potrefena Husa for dinner, which was right around the corner. They menu was huge, and included all of the Czech classics. Think stews, hearty soups, massive roasted meat dishes, and bread dumplings. They also had a selection of ‘beer cocktails’, which sounded disgusting, but hey, when in Rome. I ended up ordering a Stella with orange jam, ginger, lime juice, and apple puree. And I am ashamed to admit . . .  it was delicious. IMG_4487I also had a creamy mushroom soup, with a poached egg plopped smack in the middle. IMG_4486And a roasted beef with cranberry sauce, dumplings, and gravy (below). V had an entire tray of ribs, which didn’t photograph too well due to the ambient purple lights that kept reflecting off of the meat. Despite not getting a photo, I will remember those ribs for a long, long time. they. were. delicious.IMG_4491After dinner, we took a midnight walk around the quiet city. IMG_4503IMG_4535The architecture in Prague is stunning – so much so that in WWII, the city was spared by Hitler who wanted Prague to be the arts and culture capital of Nazi Europe. Thus the beautiful buildings and cobblestone squares of Prague were not bombed to the ground, and are thankfully still intact today.
IMG_4528V and I strolled through the chilly city, doing nothing other than marveling at our surroundings. IMG_4524IMG_4547IMG_4542IMG_4526IMG_4519IMG_4514After getting lost and unlost for about an hour, we went back to the hotel as we had an early start scheduled for the next day. IMG_4506The post gets boring here, as we spent our only full day in Prague engrossed in the planning conference at the hotel. However, we did go out for a quick walk after lunch, where we soaked up blue skies and gazed at colorful buildings.

IMG_4559IMG_4572At the end of the day, I snuck away from the cocktail hour and headed downstairs to the hotel’s spa. The pool was gorgeous and deserted, and I was treated to a luxury swim in my own private pool.
IMG_4579IMG_4575I’ve been to Prague twice now, and it’s one of those cities I would happily come back to again and again. The cobblestone streets and colorful facades are akin to a Disney film (definitely Cinderella), the people are friendly, and the food is hearty and warming. Prague, I am hoping our paths cross again soon :)

xo Ali


10 Replies to “Prague”

  1. Hi Ali. Uncle K and I will be visiting Prague next December. So happy to see photos ahead of time. Miss you. Happy Thanksgiving Sweetie! Love Auntie J. and Uncle K.


    1. Ohh, what a great choice for December!! Prague is one of the few cities in Europe I like more in the winter time – there’s lots of mulled wine and cute places to stop in when you get too cold :) Do you have a hotel booked yet? The one we stayed at was really, really nice! Hope you and Uncle K have a great Thanksgiving too! xoxox


  2. Wow ! Beautiful photos, I never thought to include Prague as a destination but you have changed my mind. My Dad’s side is Czech so I have wondered about the area. Interesting story about Hitler, thank you for including that.

    Hope you are able to relax a bit now.


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