Milan, Italy

Last week I went to Milan for work. I spent three nights in swanky a hotel, attended an innovative conference, drank lots of wine, enjoyed some fantastic company, and gorged on spaghetti, polenta, lasagna, and risotto. Ohh, how my stomach misses Milan. I’ve been to Italy once before (a long weekend in Venice with my sisters), but to be honest, I still haven’t had my fill. My dream holiday (which I’ve been planning in my head for about a year now) involves renting a car in Northern Italy and kicking off a grand road trip. I would start in the Italian Alps, making sure to jump in Lake Como before driving down through Tuscany, stopping at quaint bed and breakfasts and drinking lots of wine along the way. The next stop would be Rome, where I would visit the Pantheon and over-indulge in dish after dish of pasta. Finally, I would drive down to Naples, do some sightseeing, return the rental car, and spend the last week of my Italian holiday sailing along the Amalfi Coast, swimming, eating seafood, and sipping limoncello in the sun. This fantasy has been churning in my head for some time, but for now, smaller, bite-sized pieces of Italian adventures will have to do.IMG_4790I have very few photos of Milan, despite being there for three days. I blame work, which rightly so took up most of my Milan-time. However, I committed to being a geek (woo) and lugged my huge DSLR all around Italia. So on Wednesday night, after three hours in a pub (unfortunately working) and two hours before a business meeting, I was able to sneak off, go on a walk around the beautiful Milano, and take a few sunset photographs to share.

The above photo is the Duomo di Milano, a Gothic cathedral that took nearly six centuries to complete!

Even the marble tiles on the floor of the Duomo di Milano were breathtaking. While many people look up in towering cathedrals, I always find myself looking down at the ground, wondering who might have walked upon the stones before me.

IMG_4792Following a quick whirl around the cathedral, a colleague and I decided to take a long walk through the city. We had a few hours to kill before dinner, and decided to catch the best of Milan on foot.
IMG_4797We walked through the beautiful Piazza del Duomo, just as the sun was setting, which made for a picturesque photograph . . . IMG_4800. . . or two :)IMG_4807IMG_4810IMG_4813We had dinner at L’Angolo de Casa, which was outstanding. The food literally just kept coming and coming. We had large plates of tomatoes, mozzarella, calamari salad, and an assortment of sliced meats for starters. This was followed by the most epic parade of risotto, spaghetti, tortellini, and gnocchi I have ever seen. Just when I thought I could not eat another bite, the third course arrived (WHY IS THERE A THIRD COURSE AFTER ALL OF THE PASTA?!?) which consisted of fish, shrimp, beef, and platters of vegetables swimming in cracked pepper and olive oil. Top that off with four glasses of wine and a dainty serving of lemon sorbet, and I literally thought my belly would explode right there at the dinner table. And let me tell you, the only thing more indulgent than eating a heavy three course dinner, is eating a heavy three course dinner, and then going home and falling straight into bed.IMG_4814Which is exactly what I did :) I know I say this every time, but I truly believe I will see Italy again very, very soon :)

xx Ali

10 Replies to “Milan, Italy”

    1. Hey Angeline :) I have two secrets to share, which aren’t really secrets!

      1) As I live in Amsterdam, I don’t have a car, so I walk and bike everywhere. My work is 3 miles from home, so I’m biking at least 6 miles every day. Plus walking to the grocery store, biking to friend’s houses on the weekends, walking to cafes, etc. I don’t go to the gym but I am always physically on the go.

      2) My work is pretty flexible in terms of managing my own time (lunch breaks, etc) and I live alone, so instead of eating at meal times, I just listen to my body and eat when I am hungry. Sometimes I eat dinner at midnight, sometimes I don’t eat dinner at all. Sometimes I have breakfast at 11am, and sometimes I’ve had two bowls of cereal before 9am. I never deprive myself, I don’t eat vegetables for the sake of eating vegetables. I pretty much eat whatever I want, but in small amounts. And I don’t think about food. When my stomach growls, I eat. But I don’t really snack or ponder my next meal.

      I’ve been 120 pounds consistently for the past few years – guarantee when (if) I leave Amsterdam I’ll gain 10 lbs instantly ;)


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