Cookie Party

Note: Wrote this yesterday, forgot to hit publish! So . . . .

Merry (belated) Christmas blog friends!! I hope you’re all celebrating, eating, and enjoying the company of loved ones today. I’m currently sitting at the kitchen table in my parent’s house, drinking a Blue Moon and savoring the taste of home. Guests will be here any minute, and I’m surrounded by platters of Italian appetizers. But before I run away to change out of my slippers and put on my green suede heels, I wanted to share a few photos of an early Christmas celebration in Amsterdam. Last week I had a handful of awesome ladies over to decorate Christmas cookies.

IMG_4869Typically, I decorate Christmas cookies with my good friend Bex. But as Bex moved to San Fran at the end of the summer, I was shy a cookie partner in crime. So I invited friends from work and beyond over for an evening of mulled wine, sprinkles, frosting, and cookie fun-times. I stayed up late the night before baking a LOT of cookies. Like 100+ cookies, in the shape of trees, gingerbread men, and ornaments (aka circles). IMG_4021Before the girls arrived I primped the cookie table with bowls of candy, sprinkles, and frosting. IMG_4869And heated up at least six bottles of mulled wine . . . IMG_4873Before the girls got decorating!IMG_4876IMG_4881

At the end of the night, the ladies (thankfully!) took home most of the cookies. The rest made a prompt appearance at work the next day :)
IMG_4894Regardless of your holiday traditions – sweet, savory, or anything in between – I hope you have a fantastic day :) Merry Christmas! xo Ali

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