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Happy Wednesday beautiful people. I’ve spent the past few days thinking about Pressed Words, and where I want to take this blog. Every day I get more and more visitors to the site, which on a crappy day, still averages out to more than 1,000 people stopping by. That means there are at least 1,000 people, every day, reading about my life, scribbling down my recipes, and looking through my photos. While previously this number felt big, it did not feel tangible until last night. I went to a gig and the venue held about 1,000 fans. I watched the musician on stage, and in between screaming lyrics and dancing like a mad woman, I wondered what it felt like to be the lead singer of a band, entertaining a thousand people. And then I looked around and thought, holy shit, this room is an accurate representation of my daily blog traffic! So while I’m not wildly talented, incredibly musical, or a sexy indie-hipster, I do get a lot of eyes, which is flattering, daunting, and stressful all at the same time.img_9155

^ ^ So this post isn’t totally devoid of photos, here’s one I took at the beach last year :)

Admittedly, I’ve been slacking in the blog department lately.

My most popular posts are typically accompanied by pins, which collectively have received hundreds of thousands of impressions on Pinterest (check here, here, and here). But lately I’ve been neglecting my site’s SEO, and haven’t done many pillar posts that warrant a pin, or a lot of search queries for that matter. As you’ve probably noticed, there have been many late night rambles and holiday-photo updates that give you a glimpse into my life, but don’t help you in any way. And at the end of the day, that’s what drives traffic. Helping people. I want to do a better job at helping you, because I enjoy it and because it’s good for my analytics, but that means helping me first.

Tonight I came home from work at 10.30pm, and turned on the heat for the first time in days. I’ve been out super late every night, or not sleeping at home, and after 3 days of neglecting my plants and duvet, I just wanted to fall in bed with my laptop and eye-fuck Popcorn Time until I passed out cold (sorry for dropping the F-bomb, I’m feeling quite gangster after a day of old school rap in the office). Lately, I’ve been super busy with work, friends, weekends, parties, classes, bike rides, late night chats and long-lingering dinners, that I haven’t put much effort into ME. I have a stack of books next to my bed that I haven’t touched in weeks. I have a blog that I really love but rarely have time for. And I can’t remember the last time I ran the dishwasher, bought a new piece of art, or just tried on the clothes in my closet for the sake of trying on clothes (I’ve actually just decided that is what I’m doing once I’m done with this post!) I’m consistently going somewhere, doing something, or packing my brain with as much information as possible. And gosh darn it, I just need to relax! I need to make an effort to leave work early one night and just put on PJs and read in bed. I need to walk through the city at dusk and take photos for no good reason at all. I need to bake something, remember to eat breakfast, or write in my journal.

In 2013, I declared February the month of love. I did something kind for someone every day, for 28 consecutive days. This February, I will do the same, but just for me. I know that might sound selfish, but if I’m neglecting myself, how can I find the strength to help others? There have been times over the past few months where I’ve wanted to stop blogging completely. I feel guilty for not giving my ‘blogging life’ the time and attention it deserves. But maybe that’s just a manifestation of how I currently feel about myself. I think that if I can manage to find a bit more ‘me’ time, I will also be able to delegate a bit more ‘you’ time. No guilt, no more sparse posts. I think what Pressed Words really needs, is a healthy dose of Ali TLC :)

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to buy a custom domain. I’m considering changing the name of Pressed Words. I am going to update the categories to include some new, interesting topics. I’m aiming to post more frequently, and I’m going to refresh the site’s visual identity. I have plans, and now I just need some down time to bring them all to life! So here’s to the next few weeks, and finding the time to play dress-up before bed. Goodnight, friends!

xo Ali

16 Replies to “About Blogging”

  1. I love the idea!

    I was also recently faced with the concept of adding more “me” time into the mix of so many OTHER things – so I might just take a leaf out of your notebook (or bookmark this page) to remind myself :)


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