Babes on Bikes in Barcelona

On Friday night I left work and grabbed a cab to the airport. Melissa, my longest and closest Dutch friend (I’ve told you about her here and here) had been kidnapped earlier in the day and whisked away for a surprise trip to Barcelona. Melissa is getting married in two week’s time (eee!!) and our jaunt over to Barca was her last ‘hurrah’ before the big day. Friday night in Barcelona was low-key, as we had a bright and early start planned on Saturday. We kicked the weekend off with a champagne breakfast and some silly games, followed by a walk to the bike shop where we all rented bicycles for the day. The Dutch are known for their love of bikes, and ironically the bike shop owner in Barcelona was also Dutch! After renting 16 bight orange bikes, we hit the road for a self guided tour around the city, stopping in large centers and at beautiful parks to complete inane tasks and drink more champagne.IMG_5401Most of the photos in this post were taken one-handed from the back of my bike (yep, I’m also pretty Dutch at this point!) so excuse the lack of a concentrated subject matter. Hopefully the abundance of palm trees and blue skies will make up for it :)IMG_5414The sun was shining the entire trip, and although the mornings and evenings were cool, there was a warm, magic hour between noon and 4pm where a jacket was not necessary and our bare arms were able to suck in vitamin D in all their pasty glory. IMG_5413We our rode bikes up hills, along the Rambla de Mar, and beside the sea.  IMG_5407IMG_5405IMG_5417IMG_5421We stopped at noon for burgers, beers, and fries, stripping off layers as the patio heated up. IMG_5432IMG_5459IMG_5462IMG_5475IMG_5472IMG_5542At one point we were biking down a shady, narrow alley, and I started to sing a song about hamburgers and beers (coolest kid ever). Unbeknownst to me, Melissa very kindly filmed this moment. So here’s a lovely clip from our holiday, with a new track over the film so you don’t have to listen to my horrible burger-beer-melody. 

IMG_5507In the afternoon we stopped for high tea, which I consumed in the form of wine and croquets. IMG_5555IMG_5562The restaurant was beautiful. It was part concept store, part florist, and part cafe, all beautifully designed by interior artist Jaime Beriestain. You can check out some better photos here, as mine don’t really do the space justice!

IMG_5567I have a billion more photos from Saturday, but they involve girls puking in hostels, dancing on tables, karma sutra, pink boas, lap dances . . . you get the idea :) So let’s end the Saturday photos here, and I’ll report back later this week on day two and three in Spain :) Until then! xx Ali

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