Sir Hummus, Amsterdam

I’m super sleepy, but before I retire for the night I need to tell you two things. 1) I’ve re-named Pressed Words (like how I drop that in here all casually?!) As mentioned a few weeks back, I really want to get back into the swing of blogging. To kick-start this resolution, I purchased a domain name and re-branded the space. I’ve been blogging since 2012, and it’s been a crazy ride (life, blogging, everything) with so many ups and downs I could never have predicted. But in these kooky past few years, two constants remain. I love Amsterdam with all of my heart. This city is a huge source of happiness in my life, and right now, I can’t imagine being anywhere else. The second constant is my thirst for travel and adventure. Sure, I may call de Pijp home, but every corner of the globe I uncover becomes a permanent fixture in my heart, and writing about my travel adventures here, in this living, breathing storybook, is incredibly gratifying. So welcome to Amsterdam and Beyond, my space for life, love, food, friends, fuck-ups, laughter, learning, and everything in between. I’m going to continue making small tweaks to the site over the next few weeks, but expect things to get better, more epic, more personal, and more fun :) And please, comments and critiques are SO welcome!

Now, the second thing I want to tell you is slightly more scrumptious. And it’s BIG news. Ready?? A NEW HUMMUS RESTAURANT HAS OPENED ON MY STREET. Yes, I really did just shout that. Behold the chickpea and tahini glory:IMG_5788How often does a hummus restaurant open in Amsterdam? Um, like never. What are the chances of one opening up on my street? Pretty slim to none, I would say. However, de Pijp continues to be one of the coolest places in the entire world, so in addition to amazing Italian eateries, Javanese restaurants, and sushi spots, I now have a local hummus hang out. Welcome to Sir Hummus. Not only is their website adorable, but their restaurant is super cute too.IMG_5780
IMG_5796Ordering is simple – there are three hummus dishes on the menu to choose from. Plain hummus (awesome), hummus with magic egg (was too scared to try this), and hummus with slow cooked beef (get in my belly!) I’ll give you two seconds to guess which one I went for . . . IMG_5788All of the hummus dishes are served with a healthy portion of pita bread and salad.IMG_5793My girlfriend Ingrid went for the plain hummus, which I’ll probably try out next time. The slow cooked beef was delicious, but by the end of the meal I was absolutely stuffed!
IMG_5794IMG_5789My only *complaint* (which really isn’t a complaint), is that there should be more seating! I saw many people come and go during my visit, and quite a few (myself included) had to wait a bit for a seat. No big deal (and totally worth it), but it definitely seemed like there was enough space to fit in a few more tables. If you can’t tell by my excited tone throughout this post, I’d highly recommend a visit to Sir Hummus. There’s no crap in their hummus (quoting the website here!) and it actually reminds me a lot of the homemade hummus B used to make. The vibe in the space is super laid back (you order at the counter, pick up your food, and then clean up your plates at the end of the meal) but the restaurant doesn’t have a dirty hippy vibe that I associate with OT301 and other serve-yourself spots. It’s clean, airy, and fun :)

IMG_5798If you’re interested in stopping by Sir Hummus, you can find them at Van der Helstplein 2
Amsterdam. They’re open Tues – Sat from 12:00 – 18:30 and Sun from 12:00 – 17:00. You can check out more on their Facebook page here. Happy hummusing!

xo Ali

6 Replies to “Sir Hummus, Amsterdam”

  1. 1. The new name rocks it, Ali.

    2. The new hummus joint’s picture window out front is a blast. What an attention-grabber.

    3. Hummus without enough pita would be a crime. Do they have falafel on the menu? There’s a place in Syracuse, King David’s, that serves a great falafel-hummus-pita combo.


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